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SEDS: The Spitzer Extended Deep Survey. Survey Design, Photometry, and Deep IRAC Source Counts
The Spitzer Extended Deep Survey (SEDS) is a very deep infrared survey within five well-known extragalactic science fields: the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey, the Extended Chandra Deep Field South,Expand
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The Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) Shallow Survey
The Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) shallow survey covers 8.5 deg2 in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey in Bootes with three or more 30 s exposures per position. An overview of the survey design,Expand
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High-Performance and Fully Renewable Soy Protein Isolate-Based Film from Microcrystalline Cellulose via Bio-Inspired Poly(dopamine) Surface Modification
A novel and facile marine mussel-inspired surface modification approach for microcrystalline celluloses (MCC) and enhanced interfacial adhesion with the soy protein isolate (SPI) matrix wereExpand
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Microforming: Experimental Investigation of the Extrusion Process for Micropins and its Numerical Simulation Using RKEM
Microforming using a small machine (or so-called desktop machine) is an alternative new approach to those using full-size heavy equipment for manufacturing microparts. Microparts are commonly definedExpand
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Helicobacter pylori infection contributes to high risk of ischemic stroke: evidence from a meta-analysis
Chronic infection of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in ischemic stroke (IS) incidence has been previously studied in several publications; however, conflicting results have been reported. AExpand
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Modular pharmacology: the next paradigm in drug discovery
Introduction: Effective regulation of abnormal targets of disease requires the alteration of either the topological structure or dynamic characteristics of modules in a given target network. In orderExpand
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Fangjiomics: In Search of Effective and Safe Combination Therapies
Millennia‐old Chinese medicine treats disease with many combination therapies involving ingredients used in clinic practice. Fangjiomics is the science of identifying and designing effective mixturesExpand
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Fusion of core pathways reveals a horizontal synergistic mechanism underlying combination therapy.
Combination therapies have recently been shown to be more effective than monotherapies that may provide synergistic effects in the treatment of stroke, but its selective mechanism still remainsExpand
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Factors affecting the efficiency of somatic cell nuclear transplantation in the fish embryo.
  • T. Liu, X. Yu, +4 authors C. J. Wu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of experimental zoology
  • 1 December 2002
Procedures to improve somatic cell nuclear transplantation in fish were evaluated. We reported effects of nonirradiated recipient eggs, inactivated recipient eggs, different combinations betweenExpand
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Conceptual design studies of the 5 m terahertz antenna for Dome A, Antarctica
As the highest, coldest and driest place in Antarctica, Dome A provides exceptionally good observing conditions for ground-based observations over terahertz wavebands. The 5m Dome A TerahertzExpand
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