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Detecting prefix hijackings in the internet with argus
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) plays a critical role in the Internet inter-domain routing reliability. Invalid routes generated by mis-configurations or forged by malicious attacks may hijack theExpand
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Molecular and clinical characterization of PD-L1 expression at transcriptional level via 976 samples of brain glioma
ABSTRACT Background: PD-L1 has been widely reported as immune check points in a range of malignancies as well as some immune-originated diseases. In glioma, the role of PD-L1 remains unclear. WeExpand
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Traffic Engineering in SDN/OSPF Hybrid Network
Traffic engineering under OSPF routes along the shortest paths, which may cause network congestion. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging network architecture which exerts a separationExpand
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Use of baculovirus expression system for generation of virus-like particles: Successes and challenges
Abstract The baculovirus expression system (BES) has been one of the versatile platforms for the production of recombinant proteins requiring multiple post-translational modifications, such asExpand
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Adaptive synchronization between two different chaotic systems with unknown parameters
A unified mathematical expression describing a class of chaotic systems is presented, for which the problem of adaptive synchronization between two different chaotic systems with unknown parametersExpand
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Genotyping of Newcastle disease viruses isolated from 2002 to 2004 in China.
  • Z. Wang, H. Liu, +6 authors J. Chen
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 1 October 2006
The main function region of the fusion (F) protein gene of 124 strains of Newcastle disease virus isolated from 2002 to 2004 in China was amplified and sequenced for further phylogenetic and residueExpand
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An Improved Genetic Algorithm of Optimum Path Planning for Mobile Robots
An improved genetic algorithm of optimum path planning for mobile robots is proposed in this paper. An obstacle avoidance algorithm is introduced to generate the initial population in order toExpand
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Controlling Chaos: Suppression, Synchronization and Chaotification
Overview.- Preliminaries of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos.- Entrainment and Migration Control of Chaotic Systems.- Feedback Control of Chaotic Systems.- Synchronizing Chaotic Systems Based on FeedbackExpand
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Robust Global Exponential Synchronization of Uncertain Chaotic Delayed Neural Networks via Dual-Stage Impulsive Control
This paper is concerned with the robust exponential synchronization problem of a class of chaotic delayed neural networks with different parametric uncertainties. A novel impulsive control schemeExpand
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Adaptive Synchronization Between Two Different Chaotic Neural Networks With Time Delay
This letter presents an adaptive synchronization scheme between two different kinds of delayed chaotic neural networks (NNs) with partly unknown parameters. An adaptive controller is designed toExpand
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