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Jurassic Tectonics of North China:A Synthetic View
: This paper gives a synthetic view on the Jurassic tectonics of North China, with an attempt to propose a framework for the stepwise tectonic evolution history. Jurassic sedimentation, deformationExpand
Pollution status and biogas-producing potential of livestock and poultry excrements in China
In order to make clear the discharged amount, pollution status, and biogas-producing potential of the livestock and poultry excrements in China, the main parameters for estimation were ascertainedExpand
Geochronological Sequence of Mesozoic Intrusive Magmatism in Jiaodong Peninsula and Its Tectonic Constraints
Jiaodong Peninsula,located in the North China Craton east of the Tanlu fault zone,is one of the most important areas of Mesozoic intrusive rocks population.A geochronological sequence of MesozoicExpand
Evaluation of Lalu Wetland ecosystem services in Lhasa,Tibet
Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau,the major riverhead region of China,South Asia and Southeast Asia,has approximately 13.3×10~4 km~2 natural wetlands,of which 60,000 km~2 are located in Tibet AutonomousExpand
Application of Satellite Altimeter Data in Fishery Stock Assessment
On the basis of satellite altimeter data,studies on relations between the SSH (Sea Surface Height)and fishing grounds have been done in Japan and U S Since SSH data have close relations with otherExpand
Characteristics of gravity and magnetic anomalies in Luannan area of eastern Hebei and their ore-prospecting significance
By means of gravity and magnetic data processing and interpretation of Luannan area,the authors analyzed the metallogenic spatial distribution and the relationship between the magnetic and gravityExpand
Background of Cleaner Production Policy Formulation in China
The paper has summarized the practice of cleaner production in China since 1992.China is experienced from the initial stage characterized by introduction of cleaner production method,setting upExpand
Continuous monitoring of focal medium parameters and their changed before Zhangbei earthquake
Continuously monitoring the composite focal mechanism, coda Q and seismic wave velocity ratio, we have found that the inconsistency ratio of composite focal mechanism in 1997 reached its lowestExpand