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An Overview of Municipal Solid Wastes Generation In Malaysia
Peningkatan jumlah penduduk dan pertumbuhan pesat proses perbandaran dan faktor lain secara langsung mengakibatkan penghasilan sisa pepejal perbandaran. Jumlah kuantiti besar yang dihasilkan
A Review of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
The tremendous increased of municipal solid waste (MSW) generation in most major cities in Malaysia is observed as a main issue recently. This paper reviews the MSW management comprises many issues
Evaluating Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Options by AHP-based Linguistic Variable Weight
The increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) being generated each year poses a serious dilemma in choosing the best MSW disposal system in Malaysia. Since the decision process involves uncertainty,
Assessing Water Quality Index in River Basin : Fuzzy Inference System Approach
1 Herman Umbau Lindang, 2 Zamali Hj Tarmudi, 3 Ajimi Jawan 1School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam, 40450 Selangor. 2 Department of
Flood mitigation measres using intuitionistic fuzzy dematel method
Flood is a natural disaster induced by climate change that resulted in the losses of lives, damages to property, and disrupts the daily activities of local community. Thus, the flood mitigation
Equilibrium linguistic computation method for fuzzy group decision making
This paper proposes an equilibrium computation method using linguistic variables based on the conflicting bifuzzy sets. The linguistic terms were defined and associated with the triangular fuzzy
An Introduction to Conflicting Bifuzzy Sets Theory
In the usual cognitive cycle, the evaluation process only takes into account the positive aspects without considering even a single negative aspect. In these cases, the evaluation process is not
A new fuzzy multi-criteria decision making approach for municipal solid waste disposal options
The decision on how to dispose municipal solid waste (MSW) is debatable, since there are many uncertain variables, Currently, this issue is discussed deeply among researchers and practitioners
A fuzzy Delphi method to rank alternatives for industry selection
The Fuzzy Delphi Method (FDM) is utilised to identify and rank the best performing industry options, equipped with three levels of confidence - Very Optimistic, Neutral, and Very Pessimistic - which are rarely explored using traditional methods.