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Effect of Backfill Erosion on Moments in Buried Rigid Pipes
The service life of rigid sewer pipes is often controlled by joint integrity. Leakage at the joint can result in ingress of water and the development of a void where soil has been eroded from besideExpand
An empiric model for controlling springback in V-die bending of sheet metals
Abstract A process model is presented for v-die bending of sheet metals. This model is especially valuable to control a press brake equipped with a computer integrated controlling and planningExpand
Plastic bending of anisotropic sheet metals
Abstract The effect of anisotropy on pure bending of sheet metals has been studied. Anisotropy is known as the variation of mechanical properties with respect to orientation in sheet metals due toExpand
The Bauschinger effect in compression-tension of sheet metals
It is important to know how sheet metals behave under complicated loading conditions, since yielding and hardening of a metal are actually dependent upon the stress state and deformation history. AExpand
Modeling of the laser cladding process : preheating of the blown powder material
Laser cladding is a high precision method of improving the wear and corrosion resistance of metal surfaces. The process gives high quality, porosity free surface layers, with low dilution of the suExpand
On analysis and measurement of residual stresses in the bending of sheet metals
Abstract A new method for evaluating distribution of residual stresses in bent sheet metals is presented. Due to the non-uniform distribution of strain and stress across thickness, springback onExpand
Nonlinear finite element study of deteriorated rigid sewers including the influence of erosion voids
  • Z. Tan
  • Materials Science
  • 1 October 2007
The service life of rigid sewer pipes is often controlled by joint integrity. Leaking joints can cause ingress of water and develop voids where surrounding soil has eroded. The influence of soilExpand
Theoretical Analysis of Dynamic Spherical Cavity Expansion in Reinforced Concretes
This paper aims to establish a model that considers the penetration resistance caused by the constraint effects of steel reinforcements on concrete. Firstly, based on the experiment phenomena thatExpand
Application of an image processing technique in strain measurement in sheet metal forming
Abstract In sheet metal forming, strains or strain increments are evaluated usually from the shape change of grids marked previously on the surface of the workpiece, the present understanding ofExpand