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Singularities, interfaces and cracks in dissimilar anisotropic media
  • Z. Suo
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A…
  • 8 February 1990
For a non-pathological bimaterial in which an interface crack displays no oscillatory behaviour, it is observed that, apart possibly from the stress intensity factors, the structure of the near-tipExpand
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A theory of coupled diffusion and large deformation in polymeric gels
A large quantity of small molecules may migrate into a network of long polymers, causing the network to swell, forming an aggregate known as a polymeric gel. This paper formulates a theory of theExpand
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Nonlinear analyses of wrinkles in a film bonded to a compliant substrate
Subject to a compressive membrane force, a film bonded to a compliant substrate often forms a pattern of wrinkles. This paper studies such wrinkles in a layered structure used in several recentExpand
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Theory of dielectric elastomers
  • Z. Suo
  • Materials Science
  • 1 December 2010
In response to a stimulus, a soft material deforms, and the deformation provides a function. We call such a material a soft active material (SAM). This review focuses on one class of soft activeExpand
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Highly stretchable and tough hydrogels
Hydrogels are used as scaffolds for tissue engineering, vehicles for drug delivery, actuators for optics and fluidics, and model extracellular matrices for biological studies. The scope of hydrogelExpand
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Method to analyze electromechanical stability of dielectric elastomers
Subject to an electric voltage, a layer of a dielectric elastomer reduces its thickness, so that the voltage induces a high electric field. The positive feedback may cause the elastomer to thin downExpand
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Deformation mechanisms in nacre
Nacre (mother-of-pearl) from mollusc shells is a biologically formed lamellar ceramic. The inelastic deformation of this material has been experimentally examined, with a focus on understanding theExpand
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Inhomogeneous swelling of a gel in equilibrium with a solvent and mechanical load
A network of polymers can imbibe a large quantity of a solvent and swell, resulting in a gel. The swelling process can be markedly influenced by a mechanical load and geometric constraint. When theExpand
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Dielectric Elastomer Generators: How Much Energy Can Be Converted?
Dielectric elastomers are being developed as generators to harvest energy from renewable sources, such as human movements and ocean waves. We model a generator as a system of two degrees of freedom,Expand
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Using indentation to characterize the poroelasticity of gels
When an indenter is pressed into a gel to a fixed depth, the solvent in the gel migrates, and the force on the indenter relaxes. Within the theory of poroelasticity, the force relaxation curves forExpand
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