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SystemJ: A GALS language for system level design
In this paper we present the syntax, semantics, and compilation of a new system-level programming language called SystemJ. Expand
A Multi-Mode Dead Reckoning System for Pedestrian Tracking Using Smartphones
This paper proposes an approach for pedestrian tracking using dead reckoning enhanced with a mode detection using a standard smartphone. The mode represents a specific state of carrying device, andExpand
Compiling Esterel for Distributed Execution
This paper proposes a new compilation scheme that would be able to compile Esterel for distributed execution. Expand
LibGALS: A library for GALS systems design and modeling
LibGALS is a library and run-time environment that extends a multi-process host operating system (OS) to support the design of Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous software systems and models. Expand
Formal Semantics, Compilation and Execution of the GALS Programming Language DSystemJ
The paper presents a programming language, DSystemJ, for dynamic distributed Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous (GALS) systems, its formal model of computation, formal syntax and semantics, its compilation and implementation. Expand
libDGALS: A library-based approach to design dynamic GALS systems
We tackle the problem of designing and programming dynamic and reactive systems with four objectives: being based on a formal model of computation, using different types of concurrency, being efficient, and tolerating failures. Expand
Adaptive sliding window segmentation for physical activity recognition using a single tri-axial accelerometer
This paper presents a novel approach to activity signal segmentation for physical activity recognition. Expand
A Synchronous Approach for IEC 61499 Function Block Implementation
We propose synchronous semantics for function blocks and show its feasibility by translating function blocks into a subset of Esterel, a well-known synchronous language. Expand
Hardware–Software Codesign of Automatic Speech Recognition System for Embedded Real-Time Applications
We present a hardware-software coprocessing speech recognizer for real-time embedded applications based on a field-programmable gate array. Expand
A Hybrid Indoor Localization and Navigation System with Map Matching for Pedestrians Using Smartphones
In this paper, a hybrid system integrating traditional pedestrian dead reckoning based on the use of inertial measurement units, short-range radio frequency systems and particle filter map matching is proposed. Expand