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Deforestation and Plant Diversity of Madagascar's Littoral Forests
This work focused specifically on deforestation and plant diversity in Madagascar's eastern littoral community, using a data set of approximately 13,500 specimen records compiled from both historical and contemporary collections resulting from recent intensive inventory efforts to enumerate total plant species richness and to analyze the degree of endemism within littoran forests.
A new species of Weinmannia (Cunoniaceae: Cunonieae) from southern Ecuador
Two new species of Cunoniaceae are described and illustrated from the Cordillera del Condor mountain range in the province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador.
A Revision of Malagasy Gnidia (Thymelaeaceae, Thymelaeoideae)1
A systematic revision of Gnidia is presented based on an analysis of morphological data, resulting in the recognition of 14 species, all endemic, making Gnidia the largest genus of Malagasy Thymelaeaceae.
Staufferia and Pilgerina: Two New Endemic Monotypic Arborescent Genera of Santalaceae from Madagascar1
Abstract Two new arborescent species of Santalaceae, both endemic to Madagascar, are described in the new monotypic genera, Staufferia Z. S. Rogers, Nickrent & Malécot and Pilgerina Z. S. Rogers,
A New Species of Ludia (Salicaceae) from Madagascar's Eastern Littoral Forest
A new species of Ludia craggiana is reported in Madagascar's eastern littoral forest, apparently endemic to two sandy forest fragments located near Vohémar in northeastern Madagascar, and assigned a provisional conservation status of endangered.
New Guinea has the world’s richest island flora
A catalogue of the vascular flora of New Guinea indicates that this island is the most floristically diverse in the world, and that 68% of the species identified are endemic to New Guinea.
Two Distinctive New Species of Malagasy Garcinia (Clusiaceae)
It is concluded that these unassigned collections represent two new species of Malagasy Garcinia, which are described here under the names, G. capuronii and G. lowryi.
A synoptic revision of Olax L. (Olacaceae) in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands
A synoptic revision of Olax L. from Madagascar and the Comoro Island Archipelago is provided based on morphological data gathered from a study of herbarium specimens. We recognize eight species of
Nomenclatural Notes on Garcinia (Clusiaceae) from Madagascar and The Comoros
ABSTRACT New results from phylogenetic analyses utilizing chloroplast and nuclear DNA markers agree with morphology in support of the unification of all of Rheedia L. and part of Ochrocarpos Thouars