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A More Secure Authentication Scheme for Telecare Medicine Information Systems
It is important to guarantee the privacy and the security of the users in the telecare medicine information system. Expand
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Phylogenetic characterization of Newcastle disease virus isolated in the mainland of China during 2001-2009.
Twenty Newcastle disease virus (NDV) isolates from infected chicken flocks during 2001 to 2009 in China were biologically and genetically characterized. All the 20 NDVs were categorized intoExpand
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A hybrid of real coded genetic algorithm and artificial fish swarm algorithm for short-term optimal hydrothermal scheduling
Abstract The short-term hydrothermal scheduling (SHS) is a complicated nonlinear optimization problem with a series of hydraulic and electric system constraints. This paper presents a hybridExpand
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A Survey on Biometric Authentication: Toward Secure and Privacy-Preserving Identification
In order to overcome the difficulty of password management and improve the usability of authentication systems, biometric authentication has been widely studied and has attracted special attention in both academia and industry . Expand
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Separation of major catechins from green tea by ultrahigh pressure extraction.
This study presents a novel extraction technique, ultrahigh pressure extraction, to obtain major catechins from green tea leaves. The effects of various high pressure level (100, 200, 300, 400, 500,Expand
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Differential gene expression in silkworm in response to Beauveria bassiana infection.
Host-pathogen interactions are complex processes, and revealing these interactions is challenging. Beauveria bassiana is a destructive pathogen to the economically beneficial silkworm, Bombyx mori,Expand
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LC–MS Determination of p-(1-Dimethylamino ethylimino)aniline: a Metabolite of Tribendimidine in Human Plasma
A sensitive and selective liquid chromatography–mass spectrometric method was developed and validated for the determination of p-(1-dimethylamino ethylimino)aniline (dADT), a metabolite ofExpand
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Highway Subgrade Construction in Expansive Soil Areas
Engineering problems with expansive soils in subgrades complicate highway construction in expansive soil areas of China. To research and solve the engineering problems, a Chinese research groupExpand
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Study on the Identity Authentication System on Finger Vein
With the development and progress of society, how to recognise human identity and protect information security is a social key problem that must be solved in current information age. Therefor,Expand
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Software reliability prediction model based on relevance vector machine
We proposed an RVM-based model for software reliability prediction, the RVM learning scheme is applied to the failure time data, forcing the network to learn and recognize the inherent internal temporal property of software failure sequence in order to capture the most current feature hidden inside the software failure behavior. Expand
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