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Evaluation of the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of ethanol extracts from berries, leaves and stems of Hedera pastuchovii Woron. ex Grossh
This study was designed to examine the total phenolic and flavonoid contents, radical scavenging and antibacterial activity of the ethanolic extracts from leaves, berries and stems of HederaExpand
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Genus Indiopius Fischer, 1966 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Opiinae) in Iran with a key to the world species
Abstract The Iranian species belonging to the genus Indiopius Fischer are reviewed. A description of the first recorded female of I. cretensis Fischer, 1966 is provided. A key to the world species ofExpand
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Dominant protozoan's in Karoon River Water, Ahwaz city, Iran
Karoon River is the main source of drinking, industrial and agricultural utility in Ahwaz city. Protozoans are useful indicators for river water pollution. The aim of this study was to identify andExpand
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مقایسه میزان ظرفیت جذب زایلن در دو نوع جاذب دیاتومیت دارای نانو ذرات دی اکسید روی و بدون آن
Introduction: Rapid growth of industries-has led to increase in occupational exposures to volatile organic compounds, so because of having adverse effects on humans, controlling of these compoundsExpand
Occurrence of an uncommon genus, Amyosoma Viereck (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Braconinae) in Iran
ABSTRACT Amyosoma chinense (Szépligeti, 1902), representing a new generic record is first recorded for the fauna of Iran. It was collected from North East of the country (North Khorasan province),Expand
Family Ismaridae Thomson (Hymenoptera, Diaprioidea), new to fauna of Iran
Occurrence of the family Ismaridae Thomson is recorded for the first time from Iran, represented by a single species, Ismarus rugulosus Förster, 1850. A series of diagnostic characters andExpand
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