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Phytochemical components of Hunteria umbellata (K. Schum) and its effect on isolated non-pregnant rat uterus in oestrus.
It is revealed that Hunteria umbellata has oxytocic effect thus justifying the use by the traditional birth attendants and validating scientifically the ethno - medicinal usage.
Snake bites in Nigeria: A study of the prevalence and treatment in Benin City
There is a high prevalence of snake bites with high morbidity especially among the very active youthful segment of the Benin City population, and teenagers and youths in their early twenties constituted the peak age range of victims.
Smooth muscle relaxant evaluation of Jatropha curcas Linn (Euphorbiaceae) and isolation of triterpenes.
The tocolytic effects indicate the presence of active principle(s) which would explain the ethno medicinal use of the stem bark of Jatropha curcas to treat spontaneous abortion.
Effect of the ethanolic extract of Nauclea latifolia (Family: Rubiaceae) on the isolated uterus of non-pregnant rats
The plant Nauclea latifolia has been reported to be used by traditional healers to arrest pre-term labour. The ethanolic extract of the root of N. latifolia was screened for activity via
Phytochemical and active column fractions of Pyrenacantha staudtii leaf extracts on isolated rat uterus.
The results indicate the presence of active principles in the leaf extracts of P. staudtii which may be responsible for some of the applications in traditional medicines as remedy against threatened abortion and dysmenorrheal.
Phytochemical analysis and inhibitory effect of Pyrenacantha staudtii leaf extract on isolated rat uterus
The phytochemical constituents of the crude methanolic extract of Pyrenacantha staudtii leaves revealed the presence of alkaloids (benzylisoquinoline type) and saponins, and the extract was found to exert significant influence on the behaviour of the uterus.
In vitro determination of the mechanism of the uterine stimulatory effect of Newbouldia laevis
Results suggest that the leaf extract of N. laevis contracts the uterus by opening voltage-operated calcium channels and/or by activation of muscarinic receptors.
In Vitro inhibitory effect of the ethanolic root extract of senna occidentalis (fabaceae) on the isolated rat uterus
Background: In this study, the in vitro activity of the ethanolic root extract (EXT) of Senna occidentalis (Fabaceae) on the isolated rat uterus was examined in order to document its potential
Inhibitory effect of 3-carboethoxypyridine and 3-carbobutoxypyridine on isolated rat uterus.
3-Carbomethoxypyridine (CMP) was isolated and characterized from the leaves of Pyrenacantha staudtii Hutch and Dalz, family Icacinaceae, in our earlier study and was found to possess an inhibitory