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Partitioning European grassland net ecosystem CO2 exchange into gross primary productivity and ecosystem respiration using light response function analysis
Gilmanov, T. G., Soussana, J. F., Aires, L., Allard, V., Ammann, C., Balzarolo, M., Barcza, Z., Bernhofer, C., Campbell, C. L., Cernusca, A., Cescatti, A., Clifton-Brown, J. C., Dirks, B. O. M.,Expand
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Phylogeography of western Palaearctic reptiles - Spatial and temporal speciation patterns $
A phylogeographic analysis of eight species complexes of European reptiles was performed using different molecular methods. While mitochondrial genes (mainly cytochrome b sequences) enabledExpand
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Dissecting the major African snake radiation: a molecular phylogeny of the Lamprophiidae Fitzinger (Serpentes, Caenophidia)
The Elapoidea includes the Elapidae and a large (~60 genera, 280 sp.) and mostly African (including Madagascar) radiation termed Lamprophiidae by Vidal et al. (2007), that includes at least fourExpand
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The carbon budget of semi-arid grassland in a wet and a dry year in Hungary
Data on net ecosystem exchange (NEE) dynamics and carbon balance of a dry, extensively managed sandy grassland, as measured in Hungary in the years 2003 and 2004 are reported. The grassland was aExpand
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How is water-use efficiency of terrestrial ecosystems distributed and changing on Earth?
A better understanding of ecosystem water-use efficiency (WUE) will help us improve ecosystem management for mitigation as well as adaption to global hydrological change. Here, long-term flux towerExpand
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Loss of chlorophylls, cessation of photosynthetic CO2 assimilation and respiration in the poikilochlorophyllous plant Xerophyta scabrida during desiccation
During a slow desiccation in photosynthetically fully active leaves of the poikilochlorophyllous desiccation-tolerant (PDT) monocotyledon Xerophyta scabrida (Pax) Th. Dur. et Schinz (Velloziaceae),Expand
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Remotely-sensed detection of effects of extreme droughts on gross primary production
Severe droughts strongly impact photosynthesis (GPP), and satellite imagery has yet to demonstrate its ability to detect drought effects. Especially changes in vegetation functioning when vegetationExpand
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Estimation of nitrous oxide emission from Hungarian semi-arid sandy and loess grasslands; effect of soil parameters, grazing, irrigation and use of fertilizer
Abstract Nitrous oxide (N2O) is emitted into the atmosphere in substantial quantities as an intermediate product of mainly denitrification processes and soil nitrification. N2O emission fromExpand
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Robotics in the Small, Part I: Microbotics
This article provided an overview of the field of microrobotics, including the distinct but related topics of micromanipulation and microbots. Expand
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Seasonal changes in the levels of compatible osmolytes in three halophytic species of inland saline vegetation in Hungary.
Seasonal changes in the leaf concentration of compatible osmolytes were investigated in three halophytic species (Lepidium crassifolium, Camphorosma annua and Limonium gmelini subsp. hungaricum)Expand
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