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The Anatomy of Web Censorship in Pakistan
  • Z. Nabi
  • Business, Computer Science
  • FOCI
  • 1 July 2013
We present the first study of the cause, effect, and mechanism of web censorship in Pakistan. Expand
Inferring Unusual Crowd Events from Mobile Phone Call Detail Records
The pervasiveness and availability of mobile phone data offer the opportunity of discovering usable knowledge about crowd behavior in urban environments. Expand
Towards real-time customer experience prediction for telecommunication operators
We present an approach to capture, in (near) real-time, the mobile customer experience in order to assess which conditions lead the user to place a call to a telco's customer care center. Expand
Censorship is Futile
  • Z. Nabi
  • Computer Science, Sociology
  • ArXiv
  • 2 November 2014
In this paper, we claim that censorship is futile as not only has it been ineffective in restricting access, it has also had the side-effect of popularising blocked content. Expand
Pro Spark Streaming: The Zen of Real-Time Analytics Using Apache Spark
  • Z. Nabi
  • Computer Science
  • 13 June 2016
Spark Streaming by Zubair Nabi will enable you to become a specialist of latency sensitive applications by leveraging the key features of DStreams, micro-batch processing, and functional programming. Expand
Towards Standardization of In-Car Sensors
In this paper we propose standardization of the firmware of in-car sensors to achieve software homogeneity across vendors. Expand
The best of two worlds: Integrating IBM InfoSphere Streams with Apache YARN
The seamless confluence of data in motion and data at rest has the potential to redefine the Big Data analytics landscape in a diverse range of domains. Expand
The X-flex cross-platform scheduler: who's the fairest of them all?
We introduce the X-Flex cross-platform scheduler, a proposed alternative to the Dominant Resource Fairness scheduler currently employed by both YARN and Mesos. Expand
Pro Spark Streaming
Parked cars as a service delivery platform
We introduce a new view of parked cars as a massive, flexible resource that is currently wasted. Expand