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A chemical study ofEuphorbia serawchanica
We have studied the leaves of Geranium col l inum Steph. (upland geranium) [1] col lected at the beginning of July in the l i t t le A l m a A t a gorge of the Trans-I l i A l a T a u . The freshlyExpand
Flavonoids of Tithymalus dehsus
A study of the triterpenes ofEuphorbia jaxartica
The second ethereal eluate and the acetone eluate yielded c rys ta l s with the composit ion C~lH~zO , mp 126-127 ° C, [oz]~ ±0% The substance formed anO-ace ty l der ivat ive with mp 126 ° C. TheExpand
Hydrocarbons and alcohols of Chamesyce canescens
The eomminuted plant m a t e r i a l was ex t rac ted with ch loroform. The yield of ex t rac t ive subs tances was 5.99%, of which the ace tone-so luble f rac t ion amounted to 4.46% and theExpand