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Wet mammals shake at tuned frequencies to dry
In cold wet weather, mammals face hypothermia if they cannot dry themselves. By rapidly oscillating their bodies, through a process similar to shivering, furry mammals can dry themselves withinExpand
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Institutions and public investment: an empirical analysis
This paper investigates the effect of institutional quality on the levels, volatility and quality of public investment. Our findings suggest an inverse relationship between public investment levelsExpand
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Beyond the annual budget : global experience with medium-term expenditure frameworks
This report is a comprehensive review of country experience with Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEFs) worldwide. It looks at countries both with and without MTEFs over the period 1990 to 2008Expand
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Multiyear Budgets and Fiscal Performance: Panel Data Evidence
In the last two decades more than 120 countries have adopted a multiyear budget process (Medium-Term Framework, or MTF) that enables the central government to set multiyear fiscal targets. This paperExpand
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Mesoscale modeling: solving complex flows in biology and biotechnology.
Fluids are involved in practically all physiological activities of living organisms. However, biological and biorelated flows are hard to analyze due to the inherent combination of interdependentExpand
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Orbiting magnetic microbeads enable rapid microfluidic mixing
We use three-dimensional numerical simulations and experiments to examine microfluidic mixing induced by orbiting magnetic microbeads in a microfluidic channel. We show that orbiting microbeads canExpand
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Heat transfer enhancement and thermal–hydraulic performance in laminar flows through asymmetric wavy walled channels
Abstract Using computational simulations, we examine heat transfer enhancement in laminar flows through asymmetric wavy channels with sinusoidal walls. Specifically, we probe the influence of theExpand
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The effect of engine operating conditions on exhaust gas recirculation cooler fouling
Abstract Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler fouling occurs when particulate matter (PM) and hydrocarbons (HC) in diesel exhaust form a deposit on the walls of the EGR cooler throughExpand
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Do High and Volatile Levels of Public Investment Suggest Misconduct? The Role of Institutional Quality
This paper investigates the impact of institutional quality on public investment levels over the period 1984-2008. Moreover, it studies how the volatility of public investment and the quality ofExpand
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