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Clinical study of treatment of radiation pneumonitis with Fluimucil
Objective To observe the clinical therapeutic effect of Fluimucil combined hormones,antibiotic therapy(HAT) on radiation pneumonia(RP).Methods 62 patients with RP were randomly divided into twoExpand
Several points in therapy of uveitis
Therapies for uveitis include drug treatment and surgery.Medical therapies including proper administration of corticos- teroids,immunosuppressive drugs,nonsteroidal anti-inflammtion drugs andExpand
Milk Fat Depression in Dairy Cows: Theories and Molecular Regulation Mechanism
Milk fat depression( MFD) is a syndrome firstly recognized in the 19th century. It can affect milk quality and still is a hot topic for dairy cow nutrition research in nowadays. Many theories haveExpand
Effects of nitric oxide on Medicago sativa seed germination under imbibitional chilling
Seeds of Medicago sativa were used to study the effects of 0.1mmol/L sodium nitroprusside(SNP),as a source of nitric oxide,on seed germination and antioxidant capacity under imbibitional chilling atExpand
Observation on curative effect of thymic peptide α1 in treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Objective To observe the clinical effects of thymic peptide alpha1 in treating chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Methods 59 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases were randomlyExpand
On Simultaneous Determination of Quercetin and Esculetin Using UV Spectrophotometry Assisted by Chemometrics Methods
In this paper,a UV spectrophotometric method has been developed to simultaneously determine the contents of quercetin and esculetin in Viola yedoensis Makino.The multiple linear regression(MLR) andExpand
Etiology of frequent-blinking in children
The frequent blinking has become more and more common complaint of children's parents in ophthalmic clinics.It was always dignosed as conjunctivitis or keratitis.In fact,the common causes ofExpand
Diagnostic value of plasma D-dimer in patients with suspected pulmonary embolism
Objective To study the diagnostic value of D-Dimer for patients suspected of pulmonary embolism(PE). Methods D-dimer levels were determined by rapid quantitative automated turbidimetric immunoassay.Expand
Background and aims: The peripheral nerve blocks (PNB) is an effective technique for a better management of the postoperative analgesia, reduces morbidity due to the general anaesthesia. Aims:Expand
The antiangiogenesis role of arsenic trioxide in acute myeloid leukemia
Objection To explore antiangiogenesis role of Arsenic trioxide in Acute myeloid Leukemia(APL).Methods (1)ELISA was used to quality the level of vascular endothelial growth factor ( VEGF) in theExpand