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Colloquium : Superheavy elements: Oganesson and beyond
During the last decade, six new superheavy elements were added into the seventh period of the periodic table, with the approval of their names and symbols. This milestone was followed by proclaimingExpand
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Cluster radioactivity of $^{294}_{118}$Og$_{176}$
According to theory, cluster radioactivity becomes an important decay mode in superheavy nuclei. In this work, we predict that the strongly-asymmetric fission, or cluster emission, is in fact theExpand
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Tectonostratigraphic and petrogenetic setting of late Mississippian volcanism in eastern Canada
In the aftermath of the Middle Devonian Acadian Orogeny, a thick mafic body is inferred to have been emplaced at the base of the crust during development of the Maritimes Basin complex in easternExpand
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Efficient method for estimation of fission fragment yields of r -process nuclei
Background: More than half of all the elements heavier than iron are made by the rapid neutron capture process (or $r$ process). For very-neutron-rich astrophysical conditions, such at those found inExpand
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Observation of the competing fission modes in 178 Pt
Abstract Fragment mass distributions from fission of the excited compound nucleus 178Pt have been deduced from the measured fragment velocities. The 178Pt nucleus was created at the JAEA tandemExpand
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arXiv : First observation of the competing fission modes in the sub-lead region
Fragment mass distributions produced in the fission of excited $^{178}$Pt -- synthesized in a complete fusion reaction $^{36}$Ar + $^{142}$Nd, at beam energies of 155, 170 and 180 MeV -- have beenExpand