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Serum Ferritin Levels Correlation With Heart and Liver MRI and LIC in Patients With Transfusion-Dependent Thalassemia
Serum ferritin levels can be used to diagnose iron over-load in patients with thalassemia as an alternative method in areas where T2* MRI is not available, and positive correlation with LIC is shown. Expand
The effect of thyme honey nasal spray on chronic rhinosinusitis: a double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial
Thyme honey nasal spray seems to be a low-priced potential adjuvant remedy with excellent safety profile, to reduce inflammation and polyp formation and also fostering mucosal healing for patients suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis, however, further studies are recommended. Expand
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Carpal tunnel syndrome in patients who are receiving long-term renal hemodialysis
  • H. Namazi, Z. Majd
  • Medicine
  • Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery
  • 2 August 2007
Hemodialysis patients are at considerable risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist with an arteriovenous fistula, and close observation and routine clinical examination is mandatory to prevent further problems. Expand
Effects of Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Neurogenesis and Cognitive Behavior in an Experimental Model of Hippocampal Injury
It is suggested that ELF-EMF might have clinical implications for the improvement of neurodegenerative processes and could help develop a novel therapeutic approach in regenerative medicine. Expand
Quality of Life and Job Satisfaction of Dispensing Pharmacists Practicing in Tehran Private-sector Pharmacies
Overall, general health perception and quality of life among the respondents were at satisfactory level, however, work-related satisfaction was not high enough and most interviewed pharmacists were financially dissatisfied. Expand
The Frequency of Adrenal Insufficiency in Adolescents and Young Adults with Thalassemia Major versus Thalassemia Intermedia in Iran
Low basal concentrations of cortisol and ACTH occurred in 1.6% of adolescents young adult patients with TM suggesting a central defect in cortisol secretion at the basal state, however, cortisol response to standard – dose ACTH was normal in all patients with thalassemia major and TI. Expand
The Microbiology of Chronic Rhinosinusitis Prior to Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Bacterial specimens from sinuses seem to be beneficial in order to guide optimal antibiotic therapy, and appear to be a poly-microbial infection with the potential for involvement with a wide range of bacteria. Expand
Prevalence of androgen deficiency in chronic spinal cord injury patients suffering from erectile dysfunction
A substantial proportion of patients with chronic SCI and ED had biochemical androgen deficiency, and opioid use, TG and TC levels were associated with biochemical androgens deficiency in the studied population. Expand