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Energy performance and optimal control of air-conditioned buildings with envelopes enhanced by phase change materials
Abstract Studies are conducted to investigate the impacts of shape-stabilized phase change material (SSPCM) and different control strategies on the energy consumption and peak load demand as well asExpand
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A dynamic model for air-based photovoltaic thermal systems working under real operating conditions
In this paper a dynamic model suitable for simulating real operating conditions of air-based photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems is presented. The performance of the model is validated by using theExpand
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Dynamic characteristics and energy performance of buildings using phase change materials: A review
Thermal energy storage (TES) systems using phase change material (PCM) have been recognized as one of advanced energy technologies in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. TheExpand
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Development of a dynamic model for a hybrid photovoltaic thermal collector – Solar air heater with fins
A dynamic model for a hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Collector-Solar Air Heater (PVT-SAH) with longitudinal fins was developed to enable assessment of the potential of the system to provide highExpand
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Nano-enhanced phase change materials for improved building performance
Nano-enhanced phase change materials (PCMs) have attracted increasing attention to address one of the key barriers (i.e. low thermal conductivity) to the wide adoption of PCMs in many industrialExpand
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Hybrid model predictive control of a residential HVAC system with on-site thermal energy generation and storage
This paper describes the development, implementation and experimental investigation of a Hybrid Model Predictive Control (HMPC) strategy to control solar-assisted heating, ventilation andExpand
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Using electrodialysis for regeneration of aqueous lithium chloride solution in liquid desiccant air conditioning systems
Abstract This study evaluates the potential of using electrodialysis (ED) technology to regenerate the aqueous lithium chloride (LiCl) solution, a commonly used liquid desiccant in liquid desiccantExpand
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Assessing the performance of solar thermal driven membrane distillation for seawater desalination by computer simulation
A computer model was developed to simulate the performance of an integrated solar thermal driven direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD) system for seawater desalination using recorded weatherExpand
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Development and optimization of an innovative HVAC system with integrated PVT and PCM thermal storage for a net-zero energy retrofitted house
Abstract This paper describes a novel solar-assisted HVAC system developed for the Team UOW ‘Illawarra Flame’ Solar Decathlon house, the winner of the Solar Decathlon China 2013 competition. ThisExpand
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Development and evaluation of a ceiling ventilation system enhanced by solar photovoltaic thermal collectors and phase change materials
Abstract This paper presents the development and performance evaluation of a novel ceiling ventilation system integrated with solar photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collectors and phase change materialsExpand
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