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Purified fraction of polysaccharides from Fuzhuan brick tea modulates the composition and metabolism of gut microbiota in anaerobic fermentation in vitro.
The results suggest that FBTPS-3 is expected to be developed as functional ingredients or foods to improve the host health through regulating the gut microbiota and physiological metabolic functions. Expand
Simulated digestion and fermentation in vitro by human gut microbiota of intra- and extra-cellular polysaccharides from Aspergillus cristatus
Abstract Fuzhuan brick tea is characterized in unique “golden flower” of Aspergillus cristatus. However, little information is available for intra- and extra-cellular polysaccharides from A.Expand
Analysis of Young Shoots of 'Anji Baicha' (Camellia sinensis) at Three Developmental Stages Using Nontargeted LC-MS-Based Metabolomics.
This study analyzed the metabolomic changes of young shoots of 'Anji Baicha' and screened for metabolic markers that may be involved in the periodic albinism, and revealed significant differences in the metabolic profiles of the young leaves at the three stages. Expand
Metabolomics analysis of Camellia sinensis with respect to harvesting time.
As a result of the metabolomics analysis of young leaves of green tea plants with respect to different harvesting time, information regarding physiological characteristics and optimal harvesting time was obtained. Expand
The cultivation of Agaricus bisporus on the spent sbustrate of Flammulina velutipes
A large amount of spent substrate produced from the commercial culturing of edible mushrooms is becoming an environmental pollution issue. Here spent Flammulina velutipes substrate, supplemented withExpand
Preparation of theasinensin A and theasinensin B and exploration of their inhibitory mechanism on α-glucosidase.
The results showed that TSA and TSB could inhibit the activity of α-glucosidase in a reversible and noncompetitive manner with IC50 values of 6.342 and 24.464 μg mL-1, respectively, which were much lower than that of acarbose. Expand
Comparisons of Antioxidant Activities of Tea Catechin Between Large and Small Leaf Tea
The results show that the antioxidant ability of tea catechin of large leaf tea is more intense than that of small leaf tea. Expand
Anti-melanogenic effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG) and gallocatechin-3-gallate (GCG) via down-regulation of cAMP/CREB /MITF signaling pathway in B16F10
The results revealed catechins could be used as anti-melanogenic agents to protect cells from abnormal melanogenesis and regulated the melanogenesis of B16F10 cells through the cAMP/CREB/MITF pathway. Expand
Studies on the Pasting and Rheology of Rice Starch with Different Protein Residual
With the increase of protein content, the consistency coefficient of starch decreased, the corresponding yield stress also decreased, however, the flow behavior index increased with the decrease of consistency coefficient and the storage modulus G’ was greater at same temperature. Expand
L-Theanine affects intestinal mucosal immunity by regulating short-chain fatty acid metabolism under dietary fiber feeding.
The study suggests that LTA can affect intestinal mucosal immunity by regulating SCFA metabolism under dietary fiber feeding. Expand