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Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Precipitation Data and Services for Research and Applications
Precipitation is a critical component of the Earth's hydrological cycle. Launched on 27 November 1997, TRMM is a joint U.S.–Japan satellite mission to provide the first detailed and comprehensiveExpand
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Clinical significance of the low expression of FER1L4 in gastric cancer patients
Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) is a new class of regulative non-coding RNA, with a length larger than 200 nucleotides. Recent studies found that there are close relations between disregulative lncRNAsExpand
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Ultra-performance LC/TOF MS analysis of medicinal Panax herbs for metabolomic research.
In this study, metabolite profiling of five medicinal Panax herbs including Panax ginseng (Chinese ginseng), Panax notoginseng (Sanchi), Panax japonicus (Rhizoma Panacis Majoris), Panax quinquefoliumExpand
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Metabolite profiling of Panax notoginseng using UPLC-ESI-MS.
The metabolite profiling of different parts of Panax notoginseng was carried out using rapid ultra-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (UPLC-ESI-MS) andExpand
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Spiroindimicins A-D: new bisindole alkaloids from a deep-sea-derived actinomycete.
A PCR-based screening approach led to the identification of a deep-sea-derived Streptomyces sp. SCSIO 03032 capable of producing new bisindole alkaloids spiroindimicins A-D (1-4). StructuralExpand
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Reducing progoitrin and enriching glucoraphanin in Braasica napus seeds through silencing of the GSL-ALK gene family
The hydrolytic products of glucosinolates in brassica crops are bioactive compounds. Some glucosinolate derivatives such as oxazolidine-2-thione from progoitrin in brassica oilseed meal are toxic andExpand
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Coordinated niche-associated signals promote germline homeostasis in the Drosophila ovary
The Drosophila ovarian niche produces Hh molecules, which promote germline differentiation by suppressing niche-derived JAK/STAT signaling activity to maintain a low level of Dpp expression in escortExpand
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Superpixel-Based Hand Gesture Recognition With Kinect Depth Camera
This paper presents a new superpixel-based hand gesture recognition system based on a novel superpixel earth mover's distance metric, together with Kinect depth camera. The depth and skeletonExpand
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New vacuum solar telescope and observations with high resolution
The New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST) is a one meter vacuum solar telescope that aims to observe fine structures on the Sun. The main goals of NVST are high resolution imaging and spectralExpand
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Detection of cytokeratin 20 mRNA in the peripheral blood of patients with colorectal cancer by immunomagnetic bead enrichment and real‐time reverse transcriptase–polymeras chain reaction
Background:  Detection of circulating cancer cells is a useful indicator for the risk of recurrence of advanced carcinoma. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the potential value of a novelExpand
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