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A polyphasic approach for studying Colletotrichum
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Colletotrichum - names in current use
Filamentous fungi in the genus Colletotrichum are destructive pathogens that cause disease and crop losses in plants worldwide. Taxonomy and nomenclature in the group is confusing, even to scientistsExpand
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Endophytic Colletotrichum species from Bletilla ochracea (Orchidaceae), with descriptions of seven new speices
Thirty-six strains of endophytic Colletotrichum species were isolated from leaves of Bletilla ochracea Schltr. (Orchidaceae) collected from 5 sites in Guizhou, China. Seventeen different species,Expand
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Towards a natural classification and backbone tree for Lophiostomataceae, Floricolaceae, and Amorosiaceae fam. nov.
The genera Lophiostoma, Misturatosphaeria and several other allied taxa in Lophiostomataceae are revisited. Accounts of these taxa, including their history, morphology, and family placement, based onExpand
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Molecular evidence for teleomorph–anamorph connections in Cordyceps based on ITS-5.8S rDNA sequences
The relationship between teleomorphs of Cordyceps spp. and their presumed anamorphs have been investigated by analysis of 5.8S and ITS rDNA sequences. The morphological and sequence data confirm thatExpand
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Ranking higher taxa using divergence times: a case study in Dothideomycetes
The current classification system for the recognition of taxonomic ranks among fungi, especially at high-ranking level, is subjective. With the development of molecular approaches and theExpand
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[Technology-based emission inventory of particulate matters (PM) from cement industry].
A bottom-up PM emission model was developed based on the production technologies and PM emission control devices in Chinese cement industry. Through analyzing the historical distribution ofExpand
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Mycosphere notes 169-224
This is the fourth in a series of Mycosphere notes wherein we provide notes on various fungal genera. In this set of notes, we introduce Phaeoseptaceae as a new family, PseudobyssosphaeriaExpand
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Microfungi on Tamarix
Tamarix species are small trees that grow in various natural habitats and have a wide geographic distribution. Microfungal species previously found on Tamarix and recently collected in Italy andExpand
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