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Comparison on landslide nonlinear displacement analysis and prediction with computational intelligence approaches
Landslide displacement is widely obtained to discover landslide behaviors for purpose of event forecasting. This article aims to present a comparative study on landslide nonlinear displacementExpand
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An extreme learning machine approach for slope stability evaluation and prediction
This paper presents slope stability evaluation and prediction with the approach of a fast robust neural network named the extreme learning machine (ELM). The circular failure mechanism of a slope isExpand
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Indirect estimation of unconfined compressive strength of carbonate rocks using extreme learning machine
The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of rocks, one fundamental parameter, is widely used in geotechnical engineering. Direct determination of the UCS involves expensive, time-consuming andExpand
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Strength Behavior, Creep Failure and Permeability Change of a Tight Marble Under Triaxial Compression
  • Z. Liu, J. Shao
  • Geology
  • Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
  • 1 March 2017
The coupled hydro-mechanical behaviors of a tight marble are investigated by a series of laboratory tests with continuous gas injection during the hydrostatic compression, triaxial compression andExpand
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Prediction of rock burst classification using the technique of cloud models with attribution weight
Rock burst is one of the common failures in hard rock mining and civil construction. This study focuses on the prediction of rock burst classification with case instances using cloud models andExpand
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Comprehensive Stability Evaluation of Rock Slope Using the Cloud Model-Based Approach
Abstract This article presents the cloud model-based approach for comprehensive stability evaluation of complicated rock slopes of hydroelectric stations in mountainous area. This approach is basedExpand
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Gauss Process Based Approach for Application on Landslide Displacement Analysis and Prediction
In this paper, the Gauss process is proposed for application on landslide displacement analysis and prediction with dynamic crossing validation. The prediction problem using noisy observations isExpand
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Development of an adaptive relevance vector machine approach for slope stability inference
We present the adaptive relevance vector machine (ARVM) for stability inference of soil slopes. Expand
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Effects of deviatoric stress and structural anisotropy on compressive creep behavior of a clayey rock
Clayey rocks are extensively investigated in France and other countries as a potential geological barrier for underground disposal of radioactive waste. In this context, it is necessary to studyExpand
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Estimation of Elasticity of Porous Rock Based on Mineral Composition and Microstructure
Estimation of elastic parameters of porous rock like the compressibility of sandstone is scientifically important and yet an open issue. This study illustrates the estimation of the elasticExpand
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