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Mechanism of stress relaxation in Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
Ion-beam-synthesized {sup 74}Ge nanocrystals embedded in an amorphous silica matrix exhibit large compressive stresses in the as-grown state. The compressive stress is determined quantitatively byExpand
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Native point defects in low‐temperature‐grown GaAs
We present structural and electronic data which indicate that the dominant defects in GaAs grown at low temperatures (LT GaAs) by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) are As antisites (AsGa) and Ga vacanciesExpand
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Formation Mechanism of Nanotubes in GaN
A formation mechanism for so-called nanotube defects in GaN is proposed. It is shown that two related types of defects are formed: nanotubes and pinholes. Both start with V shaped facets onExpand
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Effects of the growth temperature and As/Ga flux ratio on the incorporation of excess As into low temperature grown GaAs
The controlled incorporation of excess As into GaAs grown by molecular beam epitaxy at low growth temperatures (LT-GaAs) is explored. The substrate temperature and the As/Ga flux ratio wereExpand
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Inversion domains in AlN grown on (0001) sapphire
Al-polarity inversion domains formed during AlN layer growth on (0001) sapphire were identified using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). They resemble columnar inversion domains reported for GaNExpand
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Mg-doped GaN: Similar defects in bulk crystals and layers grown on Al2O3 by metal–organic chemical-vapor deposition
Defects were observed in GaN:Mg grown on sapphire substrates using metal–organic chemical-vapor deposition (MOCVD) with Mg-delta doping similar to those previously observed in bulk GaN:Mg grown fromExpand
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Characterization of GaAs layers grown by low temperature molecular beam epitaxy using ion beam techniques
The stoichiometry, crystallinity, defect concentration, and the excess As lattice location in GaAs layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy at low growth temperatures (≤300 °C) were studied using ionExpand
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Self-forming InAs/GaP quantum dots by direct island growth
InAs/GaP semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) were spontaneously formed using direct island growth (Volmer–Weber) rather than Stranski–Krastanow (S-K) growth. Structural investigations of InAs/GaP QDsExpand
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Structural properties of free-standing 50 mm diameter GaN wafers with (101_0) orientation grown on LiAlO2
(10{und 1}0) GaN wafers grown on (100) face of {gamma}-LiAlO{sub 2} were studied using transmission electron microscopy. Despite good lattice matching in this heteroepitaxial system, high densitiesExpand
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V-shaped inversion domains in InN grown on c-plane sapphire
Inversion domains with a V-shape were found to nucleate inside a Mg-doped InN heteroepitaxial layer. They resemble Al-polarity domains, observed recently, in N-polarity AlN films. However, the angleExpand
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