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Enzymatic Properties and Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequences of a Thermostable β-Agarase from the Novel Marine Isolate, JAMB-A94
A gene, agaA, for a novel β-agarase from the marine bacterium JAMB-A94 was cloned and sequenced. The 16S rDNA of the isolate had the closest match, of only 94.8% homology, with that fromExpand
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Genetic variation within and between populations of a desert poplar (Populus euphratica) revealed by SSR markers
BackgroudPopulus euphratica Oliv., a long-lived woody perennial plant, is the only forest species naturally distributed in desert regions. Severe desertification has resulted in this species becomingExpand
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Hyper-production and Characterization of the ι-Carrageenase Useful for ι-Carrageenan Oligosaccharide Production from a Deep-sea Bacterium, Microbulbifer thermotolerans JAMB-A94T, and Insight into the
A gene of unknown function from the genome of the agar-degrading deep-sea bacterium Microbulbifer thermotolerans JAMB-A94T was functionally identified as a ι-carrageenase gene. This gene, designatedExpand
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Boosting Oxygen Reduction Catalysis with Fe–N4 Sites Decorated Porous Carbons toward Fuel Cells
It is highly desired but remains a great challenge to develop nonprecious metal single-atom catalysts to supersede the Pt-based material for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). Herein, we report aExpand
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Spatial Approximation between the Amino Terminus of a Peptide Agonist and the Top of the Sixth Transmembrane Segment of the Secretin Receptor*
Distinct spatial approximations between residues within the secretin pharmacophore and its receptor can provide important constraints for modeling this agonist-receptor complex. We previously used aExpand
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Interaction among four residues distributed through the secretin pharmacophore and a focused region of the secretin receptor amino terminus.
The amino terminus of the secretin receptor (SecR) is known to be critical for natural agonist action, although the role it plays is still unclear. We have demonstrated that photolabile residuesExpand
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Spatial approximation between a photolabile residue in position 13 of secretin and the amino terminus of the secretin receptor.
The amino-terminal domain of class B G protein-coupled receptors is critically important for natural peptide agonist binding and action. The precise role it plays and the molecular basis of theExpand
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Structure of a tethered cationic 3-aminopropyl chain incorporated into an oligodeoxynucleotide: evidence for 3'-orientation in the major groove accompanied by DNA bending.
The structure of the dodecamer d(CGCGAATXCGCG)(2), in which X = Z3dU, 5-(3-aminopropyl)-2'-deoxyuridine, was determined. At neutral pH, Z3dU introduced a positive charge into the major groove. NMRExpand
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Recombinant human serum albumin fusion proteins and novel applications in drug delivery and therapy.
Fusion proteins have been well-studied and widely applied in biopharmaceutics. Albumin fusion proteins are simple to construct, easy to purify, and stable to formulate. One main application of fusionExpand
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Network pattern of residue packing in helical membrane proteins and its application in membrane protein structure prediction.
De novo protein structure prediction plays an important role in studies of helical membrane proteins as well as structure-based drug design efforts. Developing an accurate scoring function forExpand
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