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Experimental study of thermally stratified hot water storage tanks
Abstract Temperature stratification in hot water storage systems was studied experimentally. In particular, high extraction rates from plastic cylindrical vessels were emphasized. Data were taken atExpand
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Starting vortex, separation bubbles and stall: a numerical study of laminar unsteady flow around an airfoil
Abstract : The stalling characteristics of an airfoil in laminar viscous incompressible fluid are investigated. The governing equations in terms of vorticity and stream function are solved utilizingExpand
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Entropy generation in convective heat transfer and isothermal convective mass transfer
The irreversible generation of entropy for two limiting cases of combined forced-convection heat and mass transfer in a two-dimensional channel are investigated. First, convective heat transfer in aExpand
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Entropy generation in combined heat and mass transfer
Abstract Irreversible entropy generation for combined forced convection heat and mass transfer in a twodimensional channel is investigated. The heat and mass transfer rates are assumed to be constantExpand
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Separation and flow reversal in swirling flows in circular ducts.
The swirling motion of a laminar incompressible viscous flow in a circular duct is studied. The duct consists of two smoothly joined sections, one stationary and the other rotating with a constantExpand
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An assessment of desiccant cooling and dehumidification technology
Desiccant systems are heat-actuated cooling and dehumidification technology. With the recent advances in this technology, desiccant systems can now achieve a primary energy coefficient of performanceExpand
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Second Law Analysis of Desiccant Cooling Systems
A second law analysis of constant pressure open cycle cooling systems was performed in order to assess the potential performance of desiccant cooling systems. The results yield upper bounds which areExpand
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Optimization of wet-surface heat exchangers
Wet-surface heat exchangers are analyzed in order to determine the configuration that optimizes the performance. The objective is to cool a stream of air to a temperature lower than the inletExpand
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Luminescence in supersonic swirling flows
A luminescent region was observed near the axis of a cylindrical duct confining a supersonic swirling air flow at ambient temperature. The luminescence was identified as a glow discharge induced by aExpand
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