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Curvature and isocurvature perturbations in two-field inflation
We study cosmological perturbations in two-field inflation, allowing for non-standard kinetic terms. We calculate analytically the spectra of curvature and isocurvature modes at Hubble crossing, upExpand
Supersymmetrizing branes with bulk in five-dimensional supergravity
Abstract We supersymmetrize a class of moduli dependent potentials living on branes with the help of additional bulk terms in 5d N =2 supergravity. The resulting theories are gauged supergravitiesExpand
Strongly coupled perturbations in two-field inflationary models
We study models of inflation with two scalar fields and non-canonical kinetic terms, focusing on the case in which the curvature and isocurvature perturbations are strongly coupled to each other. InExpand
Racetrack inflation and assisted moduli stabilisation
We present a model of inflation based on a racetrack model without flux stabilization. The initial conditions are set automatically through topological inflation. This ensures that the dilaton is notExpand
Gravity in gauge mediation
We investigate O'Raifeartaigh-type models for F-term supersymmetry break- ing in gauge mediation scenarios in the presence of gravity. It is pointed out that the vacuum structure of those models isExpand
Abstract We derive the explicit form, and discuss some properties of the moduli-dependent effective potential arising from M-theory compactified on M 4 × X × S 1 / Z 2 , when one of the boundariesExpand
Universal constraints on low-energy flavour models
A bstractIt is pointed out that in a general class of flavour models one can identify certain universally present FCNC operators, induced by the exchange of heavy flavour messengers. TheirExpand
Target space duality in heterotic and Type I effective Lagrangians
Abstract We study the implications of target-space duality symmetries for low-energy effective actions of various four-dimensional string theories. In the heterotic case such symmetries can beExpand
The cosmological constant problem from a brane-world perspective
We point out several subtleties arising in brane-world scenarios of cosmological constant cancellation. We show that solutions with curvature singularities are inconsistent, unless the contributionExpand
Non-BPS branes of supersymmetric brane worlds
Abstract We consider five-dimensional brane worlds with N =2 gauged supergravity in the bulk coupled supersymmetrically to two boundary branes at the fixed points of a Z 2 symmetry. We analyse twoExpand