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Inland dispersal of adult aquatic insects
1. Adult caddisflies (Trichoptera) and mayflies (Ephemeroptera) were light-trapped on summer evenings along the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair, near Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Light traps wereExpand
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Aquatic insect adults as indicators of organochlorine contamination
The aquatic larval stages of many benthic invertebrates are useful indicators of organochlorine contamination. However, it is often difficult to obtain adequate material for gas chromatographicExpand
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Organochlorine contaminant concentrations in caddisfly adults (Trichoptera) collected from great lakes connecting channels
Pennsylvania-style light traps were used to capture adult Trichoptera from the St. Marys, St. Clair, Detroit and Niagara rivers, Canada. Adequate biomass was acquired in single, 2-h collections toExpand
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Campylobacter jejuni contamination of slaughtered chickens.
Gut samples from 50 nonselected slaughtered chickens were obtained in two poultry processing plants and cultured for Campylobacter jejuni and Salmonella. Positive results were obtained in 84% and 4%,Expand
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Campylobacter strains isolated from slaughtered chickens: their sensitivity to antibiotics and resistance to erythromycin.
Antibiograms for 304 Campylobacter strains isolated in Csongrád county from slaughtered chickens in the years 1981 to 1983 were determined with the disk-agar diffusion method. The isolates,Expand