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Convexity and liberation at large spin
A bstractWe consider several aspects of unitary higher-dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs). We first study massive deformations that trigger a flow to a gapped phase. Deep inelasticExpand
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On renormalization group flows in four dimensions
A bstractWe discuss some general aspects of renormalization group flows in four dimensions. Every such flow can be reinterpreted in terms of a spontaneously broken conformal symmetry. We analyze inExpand
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From Linear SUSY to Constrained Superfields
We present a new formalism for finding the low-energy effective Lagrangian of Goldstinos and other fields. This Lagrangian is written using standard superspace and the superfields are constrained toExpand
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Supersymmetric field theories on three-manifolds
A bstractWe construct supersymmetric field theories on Riemannian three-manifolds $ \mathcal{M} $, focusing on $ \mathcal{N} $ = 2 theories with a U(1)R symmetry. Our approach is based on the rigidExpand
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Comments on supercurrent multiplets, supersymmetric field theories and supergravity
We analyze various supersymmetry multiplets containing the supercurrent and the energy-momentum tensor. The most widely known such multiplet, the Ferrara-Zumino (FZ) multiplet, is not alwaysExpand
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Exactly marginal deformations and global symmetries
We study the problem of finding exactly marginal deformations of $ \mathcal{N} = 1 $ superconformal field theories in four dimensions. We find that the only way a marginal chiral operator can becomeExpand
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The constraints of conformal symmetry on RG flows
A bstractIf the coupling constants in QFT are promoted to functions of space-time, the dependence of the path integral on these couplings is highly constrained by conformal symmetry. We begin theExpand
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Contact terms, unitarity, and F -maximization in three-dimensional superconformal theories
A bstractWe consider three-dimensional $ \mathcal{N}=2 $ superconformal field theories on a threesphere and analyze their free energy F as a function of background gauge and supergravity fields. AExpand
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Theta, time reversal and temperature
A bstractSU(N ) gauge theory is time reversal invariant at θ = 0 and θ = π. We show that at θ = π there is a discrete ’t Hooft anomaly involving time reversal and the center symmetry. This anomalyExpand
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A symmetry breaking scenario for QCD3
A bstractWe consider the dynamics of 2+1 dimensional SU(N) gauge theory with Chern-Simons level k and Nf fundamental fermions. By requiring consistency with previously suggested dualities for Nf ≤ 2kExpand
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