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Stem-piped light activates phytochrome B to trigger light responses in Arabidopsis thaliana roots
It is demonstrated that the underground roots directly sense stem-piped light to monitor the aboveground light environment during plant environmental adaptation and directly perceive light that is conducted through the plant tissues.
Charge transfer enhancement in the SERS of a single molecule.
The measured surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) of individual gold nanoparticle-4-aminobenzenethiol (ABT)-gold film junctions proves that overall (charge-transfer and electromagnetic) enhancement of 10(6)∼10(8) is sufficient to observe the SM-SERS of an electronically off-resonant molecule, which disproves the widespread belief that a minimum enhancement of ∼10(14) is required.
Stacking Structures of Few-Layer Graphene Revealed by Phase-Sensitive Infrared Nanoscopy.
It is demonstrated that infrared (IR) scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (sSNOM) directly maps out the stacking domains of FLG with a nanometric resolution, based on the stacking-specific IR conductivities ofFLG.
Coumarin-Cu(II) ensemble-based cyanide sensing chemodosimeter.
An "ensemble"-based chemodosimeter 1-Cu(II) for cyanide detection is reported. 1-Cu(II) can recognize a cyanide ion over other anionic species to show a marked fluorescence enhancement under aqueous
One-step synthesis of Au@Pd core-shell nanooctahedron.
Octahedral Au@Pd core-shell nanoparticles have been prepared by a one-step aqueous synthesis method where both metal precursors are present simultaneously with the use of cetyltrimethylammonium
Femtosecond characterization of vibrational optical activity of chiral molecules
It is shown that vibrational CD spectroscopy with femtosecond time resolution can be realized when using heterodyned spectral interferometry to detect the phase and amplitude of the infrared optical activity free-induction-decay field in time (much like in a pulsed NMR experiment).
Plasmonic scissors for molecular design.
In this method, the N=N bond in 4,4'-dimercaptoazobenzene was selectively dissociated by plasmonic scissors, and the reaction products formed from the radical fragment were controlled by varying the pH value.
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering from a single nanoparticle-plane junction.
Self-assembled nanoparticle–molecular monolayer–plane junctions show such reproducibility at the single junction level as to support the LSP–SPP coupling model of the SERS from the nanoparticle-plane junction.
Bond and mode selectivity in the reaction of atomic chlorine with vibrationally excited CH2D2.
These measurements represent the first example of mode selectivity observed in a differential cross section, and they demonstrate that vibrational excitation can be used to direct the reaction pathway of the Cl+CH2D2 reaction.
Controlled synthesis and characterization of the enhanced local field of octahedral Au nanocrystals.
Octahedral Au nanocrystals with localized surface plasmon-assisted enhancing optical properties can be prepared in aqueous solution via the forced reduction of Au ions by ascorbic acid through the