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Mammals from the Age of Dinosaurs: Origins, Evolution, and Structure
FOREWORD, by J. A. Lillegraven and W. A. ClemensPROLOGUE1. Introduction2. Distribution: Mesozoic Mammals in Space and Time3. Origin of Mammals4. The Earliest-Known Stem Mammals5. Docodontans6.Expand
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Mammals from the age of dinosaurs
Mammals from the age of dinosaurs , Mammals from the age of dinosaurs , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
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The Cranial Vascular System in Taeniolabidoid Multituberculate Mammals
Two skulls of Late Cretaceous multituberculates from Mongolia, Nemegtbaatar gobiensis and Chulsanbaatar vulgaris, were serially sectioned on a Jung microtome at thicknesses respectively of 25 and 20Expand
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New Ordovician genera of polychaete jaw apparatuses
Five new Middle and Upper Ordovician gener a of polychaete jaw apparatuses from the erratic boulders of Poland are described. All are recorded within the superfamily Eunicea, Atraktoprion n. gen. andExpand
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Cranial morphology of the Cretaceous eutherian mammal Barunlestes
choanae, the presphenoid with a prominent median process, very large pterygoid process of basisphenoid, a fissura Glaseri, postglenoid process extending only opposite the medial part of glenoidExpand
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Possible occurrence of marsupial bones in Cretaceous eutherian mammals
MARSUPIAL bones (epipubes, prepubes) occur in Marsupialia, Monotremata and have also been found in Cretaceous Multituberculata1. Gregory and Camp2 and Romer3 supposed that prepubic cartilages existedExpand
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Discovery of a Multituberculate Marsupial Bone
THE extinct order Multituberculata was a highly successful and the longest lived order of mammals. Multituberculate osteology is poorly known, however, because most of the fossil remains are teeth.Expand
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