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Effect of Pyrimidine Deoxyribonucleotides on the Regeneration of Bone-Marrow in Irradiated Mice
THE effect of several nucleotides and nucleosides on the survival and peripheral blood-count of irradiated mice was studied in our previous experiments1. The subject of this communication is theExpand
Comparison of the effects of radiation and deoxyribonucleic acids on the mitosis in roots ofVicia faba
Differences as well as similarities in the action of ionizing radiation and deoxyribonucleic acids from various sources on mitosis in root cells ofVicia faba were established. The time course ofExpand
The influence of exogenous DNA of different origin on the mitosis and chromosomes of irradiated meristematic cells ofVicia faba
In this paper we compare the influence of heterologous and isologous DNA on the radiation damage repair of primary root meristematic cells ofVicia faba. Roots, irradiated by exposure of 150 r wereExpand
Homokaryons from animal and plant cells generated by electrofusion.
A new apparatus was constructed which enables the use of the electrofusion method to obtain polynuclear cells of various mammalian cell lines, erythrocytes and plant protoplasts. This technique wasExpand
Changes in hemopoiesis of dying and surviving mice after fractionated irradiation and repeated bone marrow transplantation.
Mice received doses of 3 Gy of 60Co-gamma rays total body irradiation at four-day intervals up to a total dose of 24 Gy. After each dose per fraction half of the animals were injected with 10(6) boneExpand
Vicia faba chromosome damage induced by low doses of gamma radiation
The rate of radiation damage to chromosomes by low doses of gamma rays (0.01-0.30 Gy) was studied in the root tips ofVicia faba. As criteria of the effect of ionizing radiation, the frequency ofExpand
Influence of exogenous DNA on Ypenyl-treated chromosomes ofVicia faba L.
This paper is a study of the effect of exogenous DNA of different genetic origins on the repair of meristematic cells of primary roots ofVicia faba, damaged by 24 hour treatment with 0·01mm solutionExpand
Spontaneous High-level BUdR Tolerance of the Unorganized Crown-gall Tumour
Summary One phenovariant of crown-gall tumour tissue derived from a haploid plant of Nicotiana tabaeum was able to grow on minimal medium supplemented with 10−3 M of 5-bromodeoxyuridine. ThisExpand