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Microwave characterization of Josephson junction arrays: implementing a low loss superinductance.
We have measured the plasma resonances of an array of Josephson junctions in the regime E(J)>>E(C), up to the ninth harmonic by incorporating it as part of a resonator capacitively coupled to aExpand
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To catch and reverse a quantum jump mid-flight
In quantum physics, measurements can fundamentally yield discrete and random results. Emblematic of this feature is Bohr’s 1913 proposal of quantum jumps between two discrete energy levels of anExpand
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Catching and Reversing a Quantum Jump Mid-Flight
A quantum system driven by a weak deterministic force while under strong continuous energy measurement exhibits quantum jumps between its energy levels (Nagourney et al., 1986, Sauter et al., 1986,Expand
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Cavity Attenuators for Superconducting Qubits
Dephasing induced by residual thermal photons in the readout resonator is a leading factor limiting the coherence times of qubits in the circuit QED architecture. This residual thermal population, ofExpand
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Planar superconducting whispering gallery mode resonators
We introduce a microwave circuit architecture for quantum signal processing combining design principles borrowed from high-Q 3D resonators in the quantum regime and from planar structures fabricatedExpand
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Planar multilayer circuit quantum electrodynamics
Experimental quantum information processing with superconducting circuits is rapidly advancing, driven by innovation in two classes of devices, one involving planar micro-fabricated (2D) resonators,Expand
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Model-free readout-error mitigation for quantum expectation values
Measurements on current quantum-hardware are subject to hardware imperfections that lead to readout-errors. These errors manifest themselves as a bias in quantum expectation values. Here, we proposeExpand
Energy-participation quantization of Josephson circuits
Superconducting microwave circuits incorporating nonlinear devices, such as Josephson junctions, are one of the leading platforms for emerging quantum technologies. Increasing circuit complexityExpand
Experimental implementation of a Raman-assisted eight-wave mixing process
Nonlinear processes in the quantum regime are essential for many applications, such as quantum-limited amplification, measurement, and control of quantum systems. In particular, the field of quantumExpand
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