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The long-term impact of irrigation on selected soil properties and grain production
A sustainable agricultural system depends on good soil quality and crop performance. However, information is limited about the influence of long-term irrigation schedules on soil properties and crop
Hydrogeochemistry characteristics and source identification:a case study in the Zhangji coal mine in Huainan
Forty-five groundwater samples from three deep seated aquifers(the Quaternary,the Coal-bearing and the Limestone aquifers) were collected from the Zhangji coal mine in Huainan Anhui Province,for
Eco-environmental health risk assessment of Dongping Lake water-resources
The present paper is concerned about our investigation and analysis of the concentrations of the total 33 surface water samples collected uniformly around the water-coming sources of Dongping Lake in
Estimation of purpleback flying squid(Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis) resource in the central and southern South China Sea based on fisheries acoustics and light-falling net
  • Z. Ju
  • Environmental Science
  • 2014
In order to identify the abundance and distribution of Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis in the open waters of South China Sea, two acoustical surveys were conducted using scientific echosounder(Simrad
Identification of Camellia Oils by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Combined with Chemometrics
Near infrared spectroscopy(NIRS) in the transreflection mode combined with chemome-trics was used to identify Camellia oil.The samples set contained 163 spectra of qualified(n=97) and
Sedimentary Flux Variation and Environment of Dongping Lake During the Last Century
Dongping lake is located in the southwest of Shandong Province,it is the second lake in size in Shandong Province and is also an important flood control reservoir at the lower reaches of the Yellow
A preliminary study on fishery biology of elongata poatholefish Gonostoma elongatum in the central-southern part of the South China Sea
Based on elongata poatholefish Gonostoma elongatum samples collected by middle water trawl in the centralsouthern part of the South China Sea during 2013 and 2014, body length and body weight
Acoustic estimation of fishery resources in southern continental shelf of Nansha area
  • Z. Ju
  • Environmental Science
  • 2015
According to the acoustic survey and bottom trawl of fishery resources in Nansha area( 4°N ~ 6°N) in 2013,we estimated the stocks and species composition of fishery resources in spring( March to
Effects of Thiamine on Concentrations of Volatile Fatty Acids and Lactate in Culture Medium of High Concentrate Substrate after in Vitro Rumen Fermentation
This experiment was conducted to study the effects of thiamine on concentrations of volatile fatty acids and lactate in culture medium of high concentrate substrate after in vitro rumen fermentation.