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Structural anomalies associated with the electronic and spin transitions in LnCoO3
Abstract.A powder X-ray diffraction study, combined with magnetic susceptibility and electric transport measurements, was performed on a series of LnCoO3 perovskites (Ln = Y, Dy, Gd, Sm, Nd, Pr and
GGA + U calculations of correlated spin excitations in LaCoO 3
A comprehensive generalized gradient approximation $(\text{GGA})+U$ calculation study of many various ${\text{Co}}^{3+}$ spin configurations for the model structures of ${\text{LaCoO}}_{3}$ was
Temperature- and pressure-driven spin-state transitions in LaCoO{sub 3}
Crystal structure, spin state, and semiconductor-metal transitions of LaCoO{sub 3} in the 10-905 K temperature range were studied by neutron diffraction at high pressures up to 4.5 GPa and x-ray
Crystal field and magnetism of Pr³⁺ and Nd³⁺ ions in orthorhombic perovskites.
Nine parameters characterizing the crystal field of rare-earth ions in the RMO3 perovskites are calculated using a first-principles electronic structure and the Wannier projection and good agreement between the experiment and theory is found.
Neutron diffraction and heat capacity studies of PrCoO 3 and NdCoO 3
. The precursor powderswere mixed, pressed in the form of pellets, and sintered at1200 °C for 100 h under air.The structural data have been obtained by neutron diffrac-tion experiments, performed at
Correction factors in skin temperature measurement.
The influence of the shape of the probe and the pressure exerted on the resulting value of the skin temperature has been proved and Orientational measurement can be performed very well by means of Ramanathan method.