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Antioxidant activity of peptides isolated from alfalfa leaf protein hydrolysate.
Alfalfa leaf protein, a potential source of high quality protein for human consumption, was hydrolyzed with protease. Alfalfa leaf protein hydrolysate was fractionated by ultrafiltration and theExpand
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Physicochemical properties and amylopectin chain profiles of cowpea, chickpea and yellow pea starches
Abstract Starches from cowpea and chickpea seeds were isolated and their properties were compared with those of commercial yellow pea starch. Amylose contents were 25.8%, 27.2%, and 31.2%, and theExpand
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Structure and physicochemical properties of octenyl succinic esters of sugary maize soluble starch and waxy maize starch.
The structure and physicochemical properties of octenyl succinic anhydride (OSA) starches prepared from sugary maize (SMSS) and waxy maize (WMS) were studied and compared. The degree of substitutionExpand
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Impact of mild acid hydrolysis on structure and digestion properties of waxy maize starch
Abstract In this study, the molecular structure of acid-treated waxy maize starch residues was investigated, and the in vitro digestibility of the residues with 2.2 N HCl at 35 °C for different timeExpand
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Effect of germination time on physicochemical properties of brown rice flour and starch from different rice cultivars
The present work was designed to obtain information on the effect of germination time on the selected physicochemical properties of brown rice flour and starch prepared from three different riceExpand
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Germinated Brown Rice and Its Role in Human Health
Brown rice, unmilled or partly milled, contains more nutritional components than ordinary white rice. Despite its elevated content of bioactive components, brown rice is rarely consumed as a stapleExpand
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Effect of different pressure-soaking treatments on color, texture, morphology and retrogradation properties of cooked rice
The hydration of rice grain and the quality of cooked rice with the different pressure soaking treatments were estimated using Chroma meter (CM), Texture Profile Analysis (TPA), Scanning electronExpand
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Simple, rapid, sensitive, and versatile SWNT-paper sensor for environmental toxin detection competitive with ELISA.
Safety of water was for a long time and still is one of the most pressing needs for many countries and different communities. Despite the fact that there are potentially many methods to evaluateExpand
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Free radical and reactive oxygen species scavenging activities of peanut skins extract
Abstract Peanut skin, a low economic value by-product of the peanut industry, is rich in potentially health promoting compounds. The major objective of this study was to investigate free radical andExpand
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Characterization of differently sized granule fractions of yellow pea, cowpea and chickpea starches after modification with acetic anhydride and vinyl acetate
The effect of reagent type on the properties of acetylated starches was studied for yellow pea, cowpea and chickpea starches after modification with acetic anhydride and vinyl acetate. SamplesExpand
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