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The saturated salt accelerated aging test for small-seeded crops
It is demonstrated that saturated salt solutions modify the relative humidity of an accelerated aging test making use of this valuable seed vigor test applicable to impatiens and likely other small-seeded crops. Expand
It is concluded that the ramiform and geniculate elements also are characteristic within each lineage. Expand
The lower Ordovician conodont Eoplacognathus crassus Chen & Zhang, 1993
Abstract An important species of Lower Ordovician platform conodonts, Eoplacognathus crassus Chen & Zhang, is described and illustrated. Prior to its recognition by Chen & Zhang in 1993, it wasExpand
Vulnerability assessment of bulk power grid based on complex network theory
The vulnerability assessment algorithm of the bulk power grid based on complex network theory is proposed in this paper. The traditional research model of the power grid based on complex networkExpand
A Survey of Massive MIMO Channel Measurements and Models
The channel measurements and models of massive MIMO in recent years are summarized, the related 256 antenna elements with 200 MHz bandwidth at 3.5 GHz proposed by the team, the verification of rationality of the measurement method, and the spatial evolution of clusters in mobile scenario are provided. Expand
Forecasting gold price fluctuations using improved multilayer perceptron neural network and whale optimization algorithm
A novel model for accurately forecasting long-term monthly gold price fluctuations using a recent meta-heuristic method called whale optimization algorithm (WOA) as a trainer to learn the multilayer perceptron neural network (NN), which demonstrates the superiority of the hybrid WOA–NN model over other models. Expand
Multistep-ahead forecasting of coal prices using a hybrid deep learning model
Experimental results show the superiority of the hybrid LSTM–DNN model over the other competitive models and its capability to forecast multiple steps accurately and flexible and therefore, the proposed approach represents an effective and promising technique for the long-term future prediction of coal price fluctuations. Expand
A Probabilistic Load Flow Calculation Method with Latin Hypercube Sampling
An effective sampling method,Latin hypercube sampling, is integrated into the probabilistic load flow calculation to increase the sampling efficiency of Monte Carlo simulation by improving the sample values coverage of random variables input spaces. Expand
A new methodology for optimizing the size of hybrid PV/wind system
Compared with photovoltaic panels only and wind only stand alone energy systems, the hybrid PV/wind system is more economical and reliable. It can be able to adapt to climate changes. This paperExpand
Improving multilayer perceptron neural network using chaotic grasshopper optimization algorithm to forecast iron ore price volatility
A novel model for accurately forecasting monthly iron ore price volatilities is proposed that integrates chaotic behavior into a recent meta-heuristic method grasshopper optimization algorithm to form a new GOA algorithm called chaotic grasshoppers optimization algorithm (CGOA), which is used as a trainer to learn the multilayer perceptron neural network (NN). Expand