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Amorphous Fe78Si9B13 alloy: An efficient and reusable photo-enhanced Fenton-like catalyst in degradation of cibacron brilliant red 3B-A dye under UV–vis light
Abstract The development of new functional applications of amorphous alloy is an active and challenging topic. In this work, amorphous Fe78Si9B13 alloy, a photo-enhanced Fenton-like catalyst,Expand
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One-Pot Synthesis of Copper Sulfide Nanowires/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites with Excellent Lithium-Storage Properties as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries.
Copper sulfide nanowires/reduced graphene oxide (CuSNWs/rGO) nanocompsites are successfully synthesized via a facile one-pot and template-free solution method in a dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)-ethylExpand
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Conductive Polymer Binder for High-Tap-Density Nanosilicon Material for Lithium-Ion Battery Negative Electrode Application.
High-tap-density silicon nanomaterials are highly desirable as anodes for lithium ion batteries, due to their small surface area and minimum first-cycle loss. However, this material poses formidableExpand
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Disordered Atomic Packing Structure of Metallic Glass: Toward Ultrafast Hydroxyl Radicals Production Rate and Strong Electron Transfer Ability in Catalytic Performance
Developing new functional applications of metallic glasses in catalysis is an active and pivotal topic for materials science as well as novel environmental catalysis processes. Compared to theExpand
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Ultrafast activation efficiency of three peroxides by Fe78Si9B13 metallic glass under photo-enhanced catalytic oxidation: A comparative study
Abstract Metallic glasses with long-range disordered atomic structure have recently been attracted a great deal of research attention in catalytic field. Compared to crystalline materials, theExpand
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Activation of peroxymonosulfate by Fe78Si9B13 metallic glass: The influence of crystallization
Abstract Exploring functional applications as heterogeneous catalysts is an active topic for metallic glasses (MGs). Although recent advances have shown that the MGs with disordered atomic packingExpand
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Co3O4/carbon allotrope composites as anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Abstract Co 3 O 4 nanosheets and Co 3 O 4 /carbon allotrope (Co 3 O 4 /C) composites have been successfully synthesized and investigated as anode materials for sodium ion batteries (SIBs).Expand
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H- and J-aggregation of fluorene-based chromophores.
Understanding of H- and J-aggregation behaviors in fluorene-based polymers is significant both for determining the origin of various red-shifted emissions occurring in blue-emitting polyfluorenes andExpand
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Surface aging behaviour of Fe-based amorphous alloys as catalysts during heterogeneous photo Fenton-like process for water treatment
Two novel, multifunctional Fe-based amorphous alloys with the nominal components of Fe78Si9B13 and Fe73.5Si13.5B9Cu1Nb3 exhibit advanced catalytic capability when degrading methyl blue (MB) andExpand
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Compelling Rejuvenated Catalytic Performance in Metallic Glasses.
Metallic glasses (MGs) with the metastable nature and random atomic packing structure have attracted large attention in the catalytic family due to their superior catalytic performance. In contrast,Expand
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