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Groups of Prime Power Order 4
This is the fifth volume of a comprehensive and elementary treatment of finite p-group theory. Topics covered in this volume include theory of linear algebras and Lie algebras. The book contains manyExpand
Coset Enumeration in Groups and Constructions of Symmetric Designs
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses coset enumeration in groups and constructions of symmetric designs. It presents a group in terms of generators and relations so that each point or blockExpand
Structure of Finite p-groups with Given Subgroups
The following main results are proved: 1) Classification of p-groups all of whose subgroups of index p (square power)are abelian. 2) Classification of p-groups with 7 involutions. 3) New proofs ofExpand
On a class of finite simple groups of Ree
THEOREM A. Let G be a jkite group with the fohwing properties: (a) S,-subgroups of G are Abelian, (b) G has no subgroup of index 2, (c) G contains an involution t such that C(t) = (t) x F, where F NExpand
Finite 2-groups with exactly one nonmetacyclic maximal subgroup
We determine here the structure of the title groups. All such groups G will be given in terms of generators and relations, and many important subgroups of these groups will be described. Let d(G) beExpand
Bush‐type Hadamard matrices and symmetric designs
Abstact: A symmetric 2-(100, 45, 20) design is constructed that admits a tactical decomposition into 10 point and block classes of size 10 such that every point is in either 0 or 5 blocks from aExpand
Two New Semibiplanes
  • Z. Janko, T. Trung
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A
  • 1 July 1982
Some new simple groups of finite order
A process by which salts are removed or recovered from an aqueous solution by means of a polyether, by contacting the aqueous solution with active carbon impregnated with a cyclic or linearExpand