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Coupling of nitrogen-vacancy centers to photonic crystal cavities in monocrystalline diamond.
The zero-phonon transition rate of a nitrogen-vacancy center is enhanced by a factor of ∼70 by coupling to a photonic crystal resonator fabricated in monocrystalline diamond using standardExpand
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Thermal modeling and design of 3D integrated circuits
3D interconnect technology has attracted significant interest in the recent past as a means for enabling faster and more efficient integrated circuits (ICs). 3D integration relies on through-siliconExpand
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Progress of 3D Integration Technologies and 3D Interconnects
Three dimensional stacked circuits having multiple active semiconductor levels rely on the development of strata bonding, micro connects between strata, through strata vias (TSV) and a wafer thinningExpand
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Electromigration of Cu-Sn-Cu micropads in 3D interconnect
There is significant interest in 3D interconnect technology due to its capability to provide fast, efficient inter-die interconnects at a minimum package footprint. Intermetallic Cu-Sn bonding hasExpand
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Diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers created by scanning focused helium ion beam and annealing
We demonstrate a method to create nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond using focused helium ion microscopy. Near-surface NV centers can be created with spatial resolution below 0.6 μm. We studiedExpand
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Three dimensional chip stacking using a wafer-to-wafer integration
A three-dimensional (3D) wafer-to-wafer integration technology has been developed using face-to-face dielectric wafer bonding, followed by wafer thinning and backside interconnect formation. The keyExpand
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High-sensitivity magnetometry based on quantum beats in diamond nitrogen-vacancy centers.
We demonstrate an absolute magnetometer based on quantum beats in the ground state of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. We show that, by eliminating the dependence of spin evolution on theExpand
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Effectiveness of SiGe Buffer Layers in Reducing Dark Currents of Ge-on-Si Photodetectors
The effectiveness of thin SiGe buffer layers in terminating threading dislocations and reducing photodiode dark current for Ge epitaxially grown on Si (001) has been investigated. The structuralExpand
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Quantum photonic devices in single-crystal diamond
Nitrogen–vacancy centers in diamond have outstanding quantum optical properties that enable applications in information processing and sensing. As with most solid-state systems for quantum photonicExpand
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Teardrop Reflector-Assisted Unidirectional Hybrid Silicon Microring Lasers
We study directional bistability in hybrid silicon microring lasers and demonstrate a unidirectional laser. Unidirectional emission is achieved by integrating a passive reflector that feeds laserExpand
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