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Application of Wavelet Approach for ASCE Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark Studies
This paper presents an application of wavelet analysis for damage detection and locating damage region(s) for the ASCE structural health monitoring benchmark data. The response simulation data wereExpand
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Wavelet-Based Approach for Structural Damage Detection
A wavelet-based approach is proposed for structural damage detection and health monitoring. Characteristics of representative vibration signals under the wavelet transformation are examined. TheExpand
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An overview of vibration and seismic applications of NiTi shape memory alloy
Shape memory alloys (SMAs) exhibit peculiar thermomechanical, thermoelectrical and thermochemical behaviors under mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical conditions. Examples of these materialsExpand
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A System Identification Technique Using Pseudo-Wavelets
Sensitivity of regular wavelets to singularity has been used to detect a suddenly occurred structural damage and estimate its location in a large-scale structure. The usage of the approach isExpand
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A computational scheme for the optimal sensor/actuator placement of flexible structures using spatial H2 measures
Abstract This paper develops a spatial H 2 norm-based computational scheme for finding the optimal locations of sensors and actuators in controlled flexible structures. As the optimization index, theExpand
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A wavelet packet based sifting process and its application for structural health monitoring
The paper presents an innovative wavelet packet based sifting process to decompose a signal into its components with different frequency content. Expand
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On-line fault/damage detection schemes for mechanical and structural systems
On-line monitoring has become an attractive approach to detecting faults in a system during its service time. Once a fault is detected, necessary measures can be employed to ensure satisfactoryExpand
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Stability and Performance of Feedback Control Systems with Time Delays
Abstract This paper investigates the time delay effects on the stability and performance of active feedback control systems for engineering structures. A computer algorithm is developed for stabilityExpand
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Wavelet-Based Structural Health Monitoring of Earthquake Excited Structures
We present a wavelet-based structural health monitoring technique for structures subjected to an earthquake excitation utilizing the instantaneous modal information. Expand
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A Wavelet Packet Based Sifting Process and its Application for Structural Health Monitoring
  • A. Shinde, Z. Hou
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the American Control Conference
  • 1 June 2005
This article presents an innovative wavelet packet based sifting process to decompose a signal into its components with different frequency contents by examining the energy content in the waveletExpand
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