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The association between microalbuminuria and metabolic syndrome in the general population in Japan: the Takahata study.
A strong relationship between microalbuminuria and the metabolic syndrome in the general population in Japan was revealed and more comprehensive and intensive management of the metabolic Syndrome at its early stage is important to prevent the progression of renal injury and cardiovascular complications. Expand
Prevalence and risk factor analysis of microalbuminuria in Japanese general population: the Takahata study.
It is found that microalbuminuria is prevalent across all age groups and is associated with lifestyle-related risk factors in Japanese general population, however, there are a substantial number of subjects with renal insufficiency accompanying no micro albuminuria. Expand
Clinical utility of trace proteinuria for microalbuminuria screening in the general population
Trace proteinuria could be a useful indicator of microalbuminuria in the general population, and especially in subjects at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Expand
In a non-diabetic Japanese population, the combination of macroalbuminuria and increased urine beta 2-microglobulin predicts a decline of renal function: the Takahata study.
This study indicated that only a small part of renal insufficiency accompanied increased urine albumin or beta 2-microglobulin in the non-diabetic Japanese population, suggesting that the combination of macroalbuminuria and increased urine beta 1-micro Glomerular filtration rate might predict faster renal deterioration. Expand
Factors correlated with plasma renin activity in general Japanese population
This study revealed that PRA was higher in men than women and was associated negatively with blood pressures and urine sodium excretion, and positively with total protein, smoking and HDL-C in Japanese population. Expand
Relationship between antinuclear antibody and microalbuminuria in the general population: the Takahata study
It is indicated that the presence of ANA is associated with microalbuminuria in the general population, especially women. Expand