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Wireless Networks With RF Energy Harvesting: A Contemporary Survey
Radio frequency (RF) energy transfer and harvesting techniques have recently become alternative methods to power the next-generation wireless networks. As this emerging technology enables proactiveExpand
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Improving Wireless Physical Layer Security via Cooperating Relays
Physical (PHY) layer security approaches for wireless communications can prevent eavesdropping without upper layer data encryption. However, they are hampered by wireless channel conditions: absentExpand
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Coalitional game theory for communication networks
In this tutorial, we provided a comprehensive overview of coalitional game theory, and its usage in wireless and communication networks. For this purpose, we introduced a novel classification ofExpand
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Game Theory in Wireless and Communication Networks: Theory, Models, and Applications
This unified treatment of game theory focuses on finding state-of-the-art solutions to issues surrounding the next generation of wireless and communications networks. Future networks will rely onExpand
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Information theoretic framework of trust modeling and evaluation for ad hoc networks
The performance of ad hoc networks depends on cooperation and trust among distributed nodes. To enhance security in ad hoc networks, it is important to evaluate trustworthiness of other nodes withoutExpand
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Fair multiuser channel allocation for OFDMA networks using Nash bargaining solutions and coalitions
In this paper, a fair scheme to allocate subcarrier, rate, and power for multiuser orthogonal frequency-division multiple-access systems is proposed. The problem is to maximize the overall systemExpand
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A trust evaluation framework in distributed networks: Vulnerability analysis and defense against attacks
The performance of distributed networks depends on collaboration among distributed entities. To enhance security in distributed networks, such as ad hoc networks, it is important to evaluate theExpand
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Coalitional Game Theory for Cooperative Micro-Grid Distribution Networks
  • W. Saad, Z. Han, H. Poor
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications…
  • 5 June 2011
Micro-grid distribution networks that use distributed energy sources are expected to lie at the heart of the emerging smart grid technology. While existing approaches have focused on control andExpand
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Distributed Relay Selection and Power Control for Multiuser Cooperative Communication Networks Using Stackelberg Game
The performance in cooperative communication depends on careful resource allocation such as relay selection and power control, but the traditional centralized resource allocation requires preciseExpand
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