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A Novel Wheel-Leg-Track Complex Mobile Mechanism and Its Stability Analysis
It is demonstrated by analyzing the robot mechanism and its stability that the structure design is feasible and has good stability.
LISREL and Artificial Neural Network Modeling Comparison Research
A comparative analysis is made by use of artificial neural network modeling technique to deal with the common problems arising form estimation process of LISREL analysis.
Simulation and Analysis of Vehicle Powertrain Based on CRUISE
By introducing the functions and characteristics of CRUISE, a simulation model of manual transmission is built and a large amount of time is saved and simulation results and modify parameters are analyzed expediently; therefore, system design can be achieved fleetly.
From Abandonment of Metaphysics to Occurrence of Post-modern Culture
It is more than one century that witnesses the change from abandonment of metaphysics to post-modern culture.In the period,various schools holding different ideas welled up,but they had a common
Research of Penetration Overload Signals Processing Method Based on EEMD and WT
Hard Target Penetration is a very complex dynamic problem, and penetration signals contain axial de-acceleration signals, vibration signals and other weakly noise signals. It is difficult to obtain
The Contrast of Non-verbal Communication in Chinese and Western Cultures
As we all know, non-verbal communication plays an impromant role in communication. The basic method of study cross-cultural nonverbal communication is cultural contrast. From the aspect of time and
The Research on the Construction of Application-oriented Foreign Language Talents Training Program——A Case of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages
This article,by combing YUEXIU training program constructing process and practices,explores the ways and means of constructing application-oriented foreign language talents training program,which is
The Application of Accumulators in Hydraulic System
This paper briefly describes the working principle of hydraulic accumulators,characteristics,and the role in the hydraulic system,proposes the method in the application and maintenance of hydraulic
Containing Speculative Purchase of House: Necessity and Strategy
Three concepts,i.e.investment purchase of house, speculative purchase of house,and investment housing market are defined in this paper.The effect of building up investment housing market and
The Water-saving Irrigation System Based on the Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network
We propose a new irrigation methods creativily by adjusting water amount as needed adaptively.With the field of wireless sensor nodes in its region which located in urban green