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Solvolytic Reactions in Fluorinated Alcohols. Role of Nucleophilic and Other Solvation Effects
Rate constants and products for solvolyses of chlorodiphenylmethane (Ph2CHCl) and p-methoxybenzyl chloride in 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol (TFE)/water and TFE/ethanol are reported, along with additionalExpand
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Reaction Mechanism Studies Involving the Correlation of the Rates of Solvolysis of Benzoyl and P-Nitrobenzoyl P-Toluenesulfonates
The solvolyses of benzoyl and p-nitrobenzoyl p-toluenesulfonates (tosylates) are considerably slower than those of the previously studied mixed anhydride of acetic and p-toluenesulfonic acids (acetylExpand
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Mechanisms of solvolyses of acid chlorides and chloroformates. Chloroacetyl and phenylacetyl chloride as similarity models.
[reaction: see text] Rate constants and product selectivities (S = ([ester product]/[acid product]) x ([water]/[alcohol solvent]) are reported for solvolyses of chloroacetyl chloride (3) at -10Expand
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Correlation of the Rates of Solvolysis of Two Arenesulfonyl Chlorides and of trans-β-Styrenesulfonyl Chloride – Precursors in the Development of New Pharmaceuticals
Additional specific rates of solvolysis have been determined, mainly in fluoroalcohol containing solvents, for benzenesulfonyl chloride (1) and p-nitrobenzene-sulfonyl chloride (2). ForExpand
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Correlation of the rates of solvolysis of acetyl chloride and α-substituted derivatives
Additional specific rates of solvolysis have been determined for acetyl chloride and diphenylacetyl chloride. These are combined with literature values to carry out correlation analyses, using theExpand
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Additional Solvent Ionizing Power Values for Binary Water- 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-2-propanol Solvents
Determinations of the specific rates of solvolysis of 1-adamantyl bromide and 1-adamantyl iodide in 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoro-2-propanol-water mixtures, in conjunction withearlier reported values in 80%Expand
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Rate and product studies in the solvolyses of methanesulfonic anhydride and a comparison with methanesulfonyl chloride solvolyses
The specific rates of solvolysis of methanesulfonic anhydride have been measured conductometrically at −10 °C in 41 solvents. Use of the extended Grunwald–Winstein equation, with the NT scale ofExpand
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Kinetics and Mechanism of the Addition of Anilines to β-Nitrostilbenes in Acetonitrile
Addition reactions of anilines (XC 6 H 4 NH 2 ) to β-nitrostilbene (YC6H4CH=C(NO 2 )C6H4Y') have been investigated in acetonitrile at 30.0 °C. The magnitude of β x values (=0.11-0.34) indicatesExpand
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Solvent Effect on the Reactions of DANSYL and BANSYL Chlorides with Substituted Pyridines
Solvent effects on the reactions of DANSYL and BANSYL chlorides with substituted pyridines have been investigated using two parameters of Taft's solvatochromic correlation and four parameters ofExpand
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Further Kinetic Studies of Solvolytic Reactions of Isobutyl Chloroformate in Solvents of High Ionizing Power Under Conductometric Conditions
); and c is a constant(residual term).We have carried out further work because the resultsreported were obtained using only 18 solvents for thecorrelation analysis; in particular, the experimentalExpand
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