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A comparison of the anti-rhinoviral drug binding pocket in HRV14 and HRV1A.
The three-dimensional structures of two human rhinovirus serotypes (HRV14 and HRV1A) are compared when complexed with various antiviral agents. Although these agents all bind into the sameExpand
Inhibition of replication of goose paramyxovirus SF02 by hammerhead ribozyme targeting to the SF02 F mRNA in chicken embryo fibroblasts.
  • J. Zou, Z. Gong
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Sheng wu hua xue yu sheng wu wu li xue bao Acta…
  • 1 September 2003
Hammerhead ribozyme RzF598 and its dysfunctional mutant dRzF598 targeting to the (F) gene of goose paramyxovirus SF02 have been designed. The transgenic plasmids pcDNA-RzF598 and pcDNA-dRzF598 wereExpand
Paramyosin and the catch mechanism.
We propose here the formation by molluscan and notochord muscles in the catch state of three-dimensional, entangled network structures composed of bent and sometimes entwined paramyosin thickExpand
Nucleic acid binding activity of pns6 encoded by genome segment 6 of rice ragged stunt oryzavirus.
The ORF of genome segment 6 (S6) of rice ragged stunt oryzavirus (RRSV) Philippines isolate was cloned and sequenced based on the S6 sequence of the Thailand isolate. Pns6, the 71 kD product of S6Expand
Sequence analysis of F gene of SF02 isolate of goose paramyxovirus and its identification by multiplex RT-PCR.
The complete F gene of SF02 of goose paramyxovirus (GPV) has been cloned and analyzed. The sequence analysis demonstrated that the F gene of SF02 contains 1 662 nt and encodes 553 amino acids, andExpand
Crystallization of cauliflower mosaic virus.
Cauliflower mosaic virus has been crystallized in hanging and sitting drops. The hexagonal and octahedrally shaped crystals are up to 0.5 mm in mean diameter. The octahedrally shaped crystalsExpand
The Sequence Analysis and Expression of cDNA of Human Cardiac Myosin Light Chain 1 and the Preparation of Monoclonal Antibody to the Expressed Product.
The nucleotide sequence of cDNA of ventricular myosin light chain 1 of Chinese patients was analyzed. Two remarkable differences in deduced amino acid sequence were found by comparison with aminoExpand
[Self-aggregation of the structural protein encoded by rice ragged stunt Oryzavirus genome segment 8].
Rice ragged stunt oryzavirus (RRSV) is a member of the genus oryzavirus within the family Reoviridae. Its genome consists of ten segments of dsRNA. The functions of all products encoded by theseExpand
The phosphorylation of NS protein of wheat rosette stunt virus.
The genome of wheat rosette stunt virus (WRSV), a plant rhabdovirus, is a single negative strand RNA. It encodes five viral structural proteins: the glycoprotein (G), the matrix protein (M), theExpand