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Protean manifestation of gastrointestinal tuberculosis: report on 130 patients.
Over the past 8 years, 820 patients with tuberculosis were seen at the Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A total of 292 of these patients (35.6%) had pulmonary tuberculosis, andExpand
Spasmocanulase in irritable bowel syndrome.
Spasmocanulase is beneficial in improving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, which has an anti-spasmodic and anti-flatulence effect and contains several ingredients. Expand
Impact of hepatitis C virus infection on schistosomal liver disease.
The mean age of HCV positive patients was less than the HCV negative patients, which may indicate that Hepatitis C virus infection leads to decompensation of liver function earlier in patients with Schistosoma and severe liver disease may be promoted at a younger age in Schistsosoma patients with hepatitis C. Expand
Historical epidemiology of hepatitis C virus in select countries—volume 4
Viraemic prevalence in this study ranged from 0.2% in Hong Kong to 2.4% in Taiwan, while the largest viraemic populations were in Nigeria and Taiwan, and diagnosis, treatment and liver transplant rates varied widely across the countries included in this analysis, as did the availability of reliable data. Expand
Strategies to manage hepatitis C virus infection disease burden—Volume 4
The scenarios developed to achieve the WHO Targets in all countries studied assumed the implementation of national policies to prevent new infections and to diagnose current infections through screening, and scaling up treatment and diagnosis rates over time would be required. Expand
The present and future disease burden of hepatitis C virus infections with today's treatment paradigm: Volume 4
The viremic prevalence is expected to remain constant or decline in all but four countries; however, HCV‐related morbidity and mortality will increase in all countries except Qatar and Taiwan. Expand
Gastrointestinal parasites presentations and histological diagnosis from endoscopic biopsies and surgical specimens.
The diagnosis of gastrointestinal parasites is not only made by stool but the diagnosis can be made by histology from endoscopic biopsies or surgical specimens. Expand
Use of botulin A toxin in achalasia.
Endoscopic management for bleeding esophageal varices: sclerotherapy versus sclerotherapy plus band ligation versus band ligation alone. One year experience at a main hospital in Saudi Arabia.
The study showed no significant difference between sclerotherapy versus band ligation in stopping initial bleeding or eradication of varices during the follow-up period, but there was a difference in re-bleeding rates among the three groups. Expand