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Ultrastable and highly sensitive eddy current displacement sensor using self-temperature compensation
Abstract This paper proposes a new method to reduce the thermal drift of eddy-current sensors (ECSs) by two orders of magnitude. Theoretical analysis shows that a well-designed bridge will help toExpand
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Piezoelectric motor based on synchronized switching control
Abstract A novel working principle for piezoelectric motors aimed at high force, speed, and efficiency, as well as long service life is proposed in this paper. The principle is based on theExpand
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Design of ultrastable and high resolution eddy-current displacement sensor system
This paper presents a comprehensive analysis and discussion of how to design a high resolution and low thermal drift eddy current sensor (ECS) with sub-nanometer resolution and ultrahigh stability. Expand
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Inductive debris sensor using one energizing coil with multiple sensing coils for sensitivity improvement and high throughput
Abstract Inductive oil debris monitoring has been widely used in the prognosis of machinery faults. This work proposes a new structure of inductive debris sensor that provides sensitiveExpand
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Solar micro-energy harvesting with pyroelectric effect and wind flow
Abstract This article proposes to harvest solar micro-energy using the pyroelectric effect and low wind flow. The basic concept was presented and validated by laboratory experiments with controlledExpand
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Detection of signal transients using independent component analysis and its application in gearbox condition monitoring
This paper addresses feature extraction of the higher-order statistics, which can effectively characterize the transients, using independent component analysis (ICA) for the one-dimensional measuredExpand
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Resonant-type inertia linear motor based on the harmonic vibration synthesis of piezoelectric bending actuator
Abstract Traditional piezoelectric inertia motors are generally driven at the quasi-static frequency range, which results in a relatively slow moving speed. In this paper, a piezoelectric bendingExpand
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Torsional displacement of piezoelectric fiber actuators with helical electrodes
A piezoceramic fiber wound with helical electrodes on its outer surface can be used as a torsional actuator. This paper explains the torsional actuator's working principles and points out thatExpand
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A compact and high flow-rate piezoelectric micropump with a folded vibrator
This paper presents the design, fabrication, dynamic analysis, and experimental results of an efficient resonantly-driven piezoelectric micropump. The micropump consists of a folded vibrator, twoExpand
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Right-angle piezoelectric cantilever with improved energy harvesting efficiency
This paper reports a piezoelectric device based on a cantilever with an extended auxiliary part that forms a right angle with the basic part. Theoretical analyses and experiments support that, byExpand
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