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Identification of bitmap compression history: JPEG detection and quantizer estimation
  • Z. Fan, R. Queiroz
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Image Process.
  • 1 February 2003
Sometimes image processing units inherit images in raster bitmap format only, so that processing is to be carried without knowledge of past operations that may compromise image quality (e.g.,Expand
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JPEG compression history estimation for color images
We routinely encounter digital color images that were previously compressed using the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) standard. En route to the image's current representation, the previousExpand
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Simulation of polycrystalline structure with Voronoi diagram in Laguerre geometry based on random closed packing of spheres
Abstract A type of diagram is proposed as microstructure model of polycrystalline materials, Voronoi diagram in the Laguerre geometry based on random closed packing of spheres (RCP-LV diagram), andExpand
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Automated Inspection of Textile Fabrics Using Textural Models
The authors discuss the problem of textile fabric inspection using the visual textural properties of the fabric. The problem is to detect and locate the various kinds of defects that might be presentExpand
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Picture-graphics color image classification
High-level (semantic) image classification can be achieved by analysis of low-level image attributes geared for the particular classes. In this paper, we have proposed a novel application of theExpand
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Adaptive Sparse Representations for Video Anomaly Detection
Video anomaly detection can be used in the transportation domain to identify unusual patterns such as traffic violations, accidents, unsafe driver behavior, street crime, and other suspiciousExpand
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Video-based real-time on-street parking occupancy detection system
Abstract. Urban parking management is receiving significant attention due to its potential to reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption, and emissions. Real-time parking occupancy detection is aExpand
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Set of easily implementable coefficients in error diffusion with reduced worm artifacts
  • J. Shiau, Z. Fan
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Electronic Imaging
  • 29 March 1996
Error diffusion is an important technique for digital halftoning. It outperforms many other traditional halftoning methods in terms of gray fidelity and detail rendering. A drawback associated withExpand
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Retrieval of gray images from digital halftones
  • Z. Fan
  • Computer Science
  • [Proceedings] IEEE International Symposium on…
  • 10 May 1992
Presents a new method for retrieving a gray picture from an orthographic halftone image. It gives substantially better detail than the traditional low-pass filtering approach. The screen parametersExpand
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Maximum likelihood estimation of JPEG quantization table in the identification of bitmap compression history
  • Z. Fan, R. Queiroz
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings International Conference on Image…
  • 10 September 2000
To process previously JPEG coded images the knowledge of the quantization table used in compression is sometimes required. This happens for example in JPEG artifact removal and in JPEGExpand
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