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Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition
Face recognition is increasingly deployed as a means to unobtrusively verify the identity of people. The widespread use of biometrics raises important privacy concerns, in particular if the biometricExpand
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Private Computation of Spatial and Temporal Power Consumption with Smart Meters
Smart metering of utility consumption is rapidly becoming reality for multitudes of people and households. It promises real-time measurement and adjustment of power demand which is expected to resultExpand
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Generating Private Recommendations Efficiently Using Homomorphic Encryption and Data Packing
Recommender systems have become an important tool for personalization of online services. Generating recommendations in online services depends on privacy-sensitive data collected from the users.Expand
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Encrypted signal processing for privacy protection: Conveying the utility of homomorphic encryption and multiparty computation
In recent years, signal processing applications that deal with user-related data have aroused privacy concerns. For instance, face recognition and personalized recommendations rely onExpand
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Privacy-preserving data aggregation in smart metering systems: an overview
Growing energy needs are forcing governments to look for alternative resources and ways to better manage the energy grid and load balancing. As a major initiative, many countries including the UnitedExpand
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Anonymous Fingerprinting with Robust QIM Watermarking Techniques
Fingerprinting is an essential tool to shun legal buyers of digital content from illegal redistribution. In fingerprinting schemes, the merchant embeds the buyer's identity as a watermark into theExpand
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Protection and Retrieval of Encrypted Multimedia Content: When Cryptography Meets Signal Processing
The processing and encryption of multimedia content are generally considered sequential and independent operations. In certain multimedia content processing scenarios, it is, however, desirable toExpand
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Privacy in Recommender Systems
In many online applications, the range of content that is offered to users is so wide that a need for automated recommender systems arises. Such systems can provide a personalized selection ofExpand
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Privacy-preserving user clustering in a social network
In a ubiquitously connected world, social networks are playing an important role on the Internet by allowing users to find groups of people with similar interests. The data needed to construct suchExpand
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Secure key-exchange protocol for implants using heartbeats
The cardiac interpulse interval (IPI) has recently been proposed to facilitate key exchange for implantable medical devices (IMDs) using a patient's own heartbeats as a source of trust. While thisExpand
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